Retail Marketers: 3 Ways to Understand the Connected Customer Journey

How to best interact on a more personal, content-rich level; this will be the struggle of 2017 for retail marketers according to the Chief Marketing Officer Council reports.

Many marketers are still struggling to create the alignment between the physical and digital experiences for their customers. With the constant push and pull of where and how to advertise, many retail marketers are feeling that the end results are not matching their efforts and ideas.

Remember, it is a journey

When looking to create that full connected customer journey there a few things to remember, first and foremost is that it IS a Journey. Not one ad, not one experience, but the full journey. Every point of contact and every touchpoint in that journey needs to be connected and notable for your customers. Many times marketers forget that all experiences outside of any direct contact, are just as important in the customer journey.

Unity across all channels 

Remember that your online and offline channels need to be consistent. Customers these days are constantly switching between devices and channels to get what they need in that moment. Marketers need to ensure that their offline and online messages are unified and interrelated. Knowing what your customers are clicking on, what they are asking about, and what they are looking for are more important than purchase data. By understanding the steps customers take through the entire journey, marketers are able to better create a journey tailored to the specific customer. A recent Infosys survey reported that 78% of consumers are more likely to be a repeat customer if a retailer provides them with targeted, personalized offers.

Keep the humans!

It’s important to keep human contact in the shopper journey. While the world is swiftly moving to more and more digital interactions, it’s easy to forget how impactful human touch is on the path to purchase. Personal interaction is one of the most effective ways to encourage a shopper to become a customer. Look no further than a recent Mindtree study which revealed that 70% of shoppers are interested in interacting with a sales associate. 

2017 looks to be a bright learning experience for the retail industry. In continuing to work towards that connected customer journey across all touchpoints, retail marketers will have to continue to grow and be innovative to stay one step ahead. 

We know it’s not as easy as it sounds! Creating a connected customer journey is challenging to achieve let alone perfect. Front-end and back-end processes must be integrated with a centralized platform to ensure consistency. Explore six benefits and case study examples below.