Personalize Their Experience & Create Happy Campers

The school year is nearing an end, summer is here and a lot of us are in the outdoor adventure planning mode. 

Whether it be camping, glamping, mountain biking or kayaking, the days are long and getting longer and the sun for the most part is out in full force and the majority of us want to get outdoors!

The great outdoors! That being said, have you ever found yourself planning for a camping, biking or hiking trip and realized that you don’t necessarily have the right equipment? So you head online and search tent’ and it yields 10,000,000 search results. 

You’re not really sure what kind of tent you might need, but you know you are kind of a princess and border on glamper.’ So you spend a while surfing the internet for the perfect tent for you but you find all of the different options overwhelming and ultimately abandon your cart on three different outdoor retailers sites. 

Okay, I am writing from personal experience, but while browsing for tents online I came across a local outdoor company that offered something that in my opinion was sheer genius. 

A Find the Perfect Tent for You’ quiz, Buzzfeed style! I won’t lie, I was massively impressed and through their curated quiz I was able to get a personalized tent suggestion just for me! 

According to a recent RIS Study, 51% of retailers are focusing their 2016 spending on personalized marketing capabilities, and I can see why. The quiz saved my time and gave me a few tailored options and I was all set.

Go the extra mile: Bring the personalized experience in-store

That is an example of a great personalized online shopping experience but the same retailer could translate that to the in-store experience with an interactive kiosk solution. 

Usually, retailers that carry camping gear have multiple tents on hand, but limited floor space to set them all up. Finding the right one and visualizing what it would look like when it’s assembled can pose a challenge. What if the sales associate had access to the same quiz in-store? 

You would be able to easily take the quick quiz, choose the perfect tent for your needs and visualize what it would look like set-up, mountain / ocean view sold seperately. 

A recent Infosys survey reported that 78% of consumers are more likely to be a repeat customer if a retailer provides them with targeted, personalized offers. Failing to provide this personalization will have the opposite result: the CMO Council reported that more than half of U.S. and Canadian consumers consider ending their loyalties to retailers who do not give tailored, relevant offers.

It makes sense, in our world of personalized newsfeeds, playlists, and targeted advertising, we expect the same when we shop. So, why wouldn’t you keep your customers happy campers and personalize their experiences online and in-store?