Our Top 6 2016 Retail Resources

2016 is in the books. To help with the holiday hangover and get you excited for the new year, we compiled a list of our top retail resources from the past 12 months in order to get you geared up for 2017.

1. Customer Experience [Blog]

3 Facts About Shopper Psychology to Guide Your Visual Merchandising Efforts

2. Omnichannel [Webinar]

Which In-store Technologies Will Make Omnichannel a Reality?

3. Omnichannel [Whitepaper]

5 Steps Towards Re-imagining the Physical Store

4. Endless Aisle [Whitepaper]

Best Practices for Bringing Endless Aisle into Your Retail Strategy

5. Retail Operations [Blog]

Is Online Driving Away In-Store Customers? Nope!

6. Retail Trends [Blog]

How Can You Redefine Retail?

We look forward to sharing more of the latest and greatest in retail and can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store. (pun intended)

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