Orchestrate Your Brand Stage: 6 Ways to Design The Perfect Retail Experience

In today’s shopping world you cannot JUST be a retailer. You must be an orchestrator for each shopper. You must design such an in-store experience that your customers want to keep returning. 

It’s no longer about multichannel and omnichannel approaches – it’s about understanding that your customer is your channel.

Creating a customer centric experience

  • Customers write their own story. Shopping activity is not dependent on your website, stores, or mobile application alone. Customers will build their own shopping world to suit themselves and their desired path to purchase.
  • Live is still the best experience. This is especially true with high consideration products. In-store is necessary not only when the need to see, touch and feel” is real but when the customer needs to interact with an expert that will lead them to the best possible product to meet their needs.
  • Have empathy for your audience. Tell them you’ve lived their lives and can see their experience. You are watching your brand story through their eyes. Orchestrate something contextually relevant to help the customer own their new role. Think of yourself as the movie director pulling together components, capabilities, colors, textures, technologies and voices. Create a whole picture that evokes emotion.
  • It’s not about the ticket sales. A lot of retailers still see their channels as just a point of transaction. It goes beyond the point of transaction to the point of connection and a point of inspiration for the customers. It’s about consumer interaction with the brand but also with different mediums.
  • Create a community following. Create a retail experience that has a community embedded at the heart of it. Think about how your customers connect on social media – they like and share experiences. Explore those notions and take what they do online to offline in a more engaging way.
  • Special effects are really cool. The consumer, technology, and innovation are intersecting. Create a smart retail environment that bridges wow factor and solves a customer pain point. Think about interactive retail technologies, RFID products and loyalty cards, mobile payment systems, etc. Manage these assets more effectively and see what’s happening with the data.

The retail orchestra is about designing the solution to problems and business processes and creating emotional responses within your audience. What’s the story you want to tell?

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