Omnichange Your Life With a CMS This Black Friday

It goes without saying that retail marketers have their hands full when it comes to planning Black Friday campaigns.

The pressure is on to drive both online and in-store sales with innovative and effective marketing strategies.
The trend for shoppers to forgo the in-store rush and make their Black Friday purchases online is undeniable with e-commerce sales in 2015 raking in 2.72 billion, a 14% increase from 2014.

Yes, online sales are increasing but that doesn’t mean Black Friday in-store sales are fading into a distant void in the past. Findings from the 2016 PWC Total Retail Survey show that depending on the vertical customers are still largely in favor of completing their purchase in-store. The-Color-In-Your-Store-And-Its-Relation-To-Your-Sales.jpg

Take clothing and footwear, for example. Just 36% of the PWC global sample preferred to do their research in-store, opting for online research, but 53% preferred to complete their purchase in a physical store. It’s true. There will always be that percentage of shoppers that hate the crowds and get their click on instead, but that is why you cater to them too. 

Statistics like this support why the retail industry is increasingly focusing on marrying online and in-store experiences. The days when retailers could run independent Black Friday promotions across different channels are a distant void in the past. Brand credibility and successful sales depend on a consistent consumer experience across all channels.

The days when retailers could run independent Black Friday promotions across different channels are a distant void in the past.

Crossover content to the rescue!

Retailers implementing omnichannel solutions are increasingly looking to centralized content management systems (CMS) to reduce the complexity of delivering crossover content. Marketers are all too familiar with the headache that can arise from repurposing and ensuring the right assets in the right sizes are delivered to the right channels. This is where content management solutions save the day.

Adopting an easy-to-use CMS capable of housing multiple types of content (images, videos, descriptions) and storing it in one centralized place is crucial to reducing last minute holiday headaches for your marketing team.

Say your marketing team thinks up a last minute promotion that is extremely topical or tied to a trend, ahem Pokemon Go… Instead of delivering it just on social media they would have the ability to quickly push the new campaign out in-store, online, on mobile and into space too. (Okay, that is a lie.)

Screen_Shot_2016-09-07_at_8.17.59_PM.pngThat great idea the marketer had? It can immediately be transferred to digital signage solutions that allow the campaign to be displayed in-store. Endless aisle solutions connected to a robust content platform will also be able to reflect that new pricing or promotion.

Ultimately, it’s about giving your customer a smooth experience and zero roadblocks on their path to purchase. This means the store associate doesn’t have to tell an exhausted Black Friday shopper the promotion they saw online can’t be offered in-store and increases your chances of closing that sale in-store. Oh, and that customer that doesn’t want to brave the chaos? You can still win their sale online too.

If you would like to read more about reducing marketing headaches with centralized content management systems, click below to read our whitepaper titled, Unbox Retail With An Open, Modular Platform.