Never Say No to Another Customer With Endless Inventory

The concept of endless aisle is a simple yet effective solution: using a kiosk or tablet, retailers are able to move their online merchandising strategy into their brick-and-mortar store. An in-store customer can then search through the retailer’s virtual catalog and find the product they want. It makes a business’s complete inventory accessible; even if an item isn’t available in store, the customer can have it shipped from the warehouse directly to their home.

Let’s take a closer look at how our Endless Aisle solution can help you satisfy your customers’ needs.

Items are always in stock

According to a 2016 Nielsen paper, online giant Amazon has an inventory of half a billion products. But Amazon’s small brick-and-mortar stores only have about 5,000 items for sale. They can level the playing field by using a virtual merchandising solution to offers products not kept on-site — retailers won’t have to worry about space limitations preventing them from making sales.

By taking the omnichannel approach, we can think through this challenge from the customer’s perspective. Imagine someone wants to replace a broken serving dish before a dinner party. They visit a local cookware store, but the item isn’t in stock. Normally, the customer would turn to a competitor to get what they’re looking for on time. However, if that serving dish is available to order with fast shipping at the cookware store, the business can keep the customer and make the sale.

The shopping experience becomes more convenient

One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is immediate convenience, one that brick-and-mortar stores aren’t typically known for. A Forrester report found that shoppers have a hard time trusting retailers to provide an easy and convenient shopping experience, noting that only 29% of consumers surveyed believed sales associates were knowledgeable and helpful.” But retailers can improve customer satisfaction by using a solution like Endless Aisle:

  • With store-provided tablets on hand, sales associates are prepared to answer any customer questions.
  • The store’s virtual catalog can match a customer’s shopping experience on the retailer’s website so everything will meet their expectations.
  • A customer can always locate the item they want. If the product isn’t in the store, it can be dropshipped straight to the customer’s home or to a nearby store location for easy pickup.

Customers can find the information they need

Today’s customer relies on information before making a purchase, whether it’s by researching online or speaking to a sales associate. Using a virtual merchandising solution, a customer can work with a sales associate to find the right product. They can view specific product details such as type, color, and dimensions. What’s more, they can read reviews to confirm the quality of the merchandise, and find recommendations for similar or compatible products.

With Endless Aisle, the days of customers staring at nondescript cardboard boxes and wondering about the contents inside are over.

Keep customers happy with Endless Aisle

No matter what a shopper is looking for, the right visual merchandising solution will ensure they can get it. You never have to worry about wasting precious shelf space anymore — customers can enjoy the tangible benefits of in-store browsing with the immediate gratification of online shopping in one convenient package.

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