Multi-Channel, One Experience

Modern, smart and connected are a few words that describe today’s consumer and should be used to describe your omnichannel strategy as well.

It’s not news that retailers need to be where their customers are. Online, in-store or mobile, it’s important for retailers to provide those particular experiences for their customers. It’s no surprise today’s consumer wants to be EVERYWHERE and expects you to be there too! So they can browse and compare online, check out and pick up in store, order their items and receive them directly at their home or potentially engage with you via social media.

The customer experience starts early and continues to take place beyond the point of purchase.

Retailers are pushing towards this multi-channel approach but as important, if not more, is the need to be sure they’re not losing focus on a seamless omnichannel approach that will provide a single, unified, consistent experience for customers across all channels.

The customer experience starts early and continues to take place beyond the point of purchase. Data is available at every touchpoint and can be used to make smarter, more informed decisions for your business and ultimately, your customer.

Personalized interaction

Each and every customer is unique and should be treated that way. Know your customers and what influences their shopping behaviors. Tailor your ads, offers and discounts towards them ultimately creating a win-win situation. Customers have a better experience because they’re receiving what they need and retailers hit the mark meaning more money in their pocket.

Data utilization

The increase in retail channels and digital technologies offers retailers access to more customer data than they’ve ever had. Great, now you have captured this information, but what are you doing with it? Analyzing the data and turning that information into action can be the toughest part. Implementing solutions and processes to help compile siloed data will offer you a complete view of your customers and allow you to engage with customers in the right way, and offer products at the right time, across every touchpoint.

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