Motivating Your Sales Person(alities): 4 Common Characteristics You Should Know

Do you often see the same sales staff overperforming while others remain status quo? Is this because they’re working that much harder or is there something else that’s influencing this behaviour? Brace yourself for some tough love… there’s a chance you could be contributing to the problem.

As an owner or sales manager, its your responsibility to understand what motivates the individuals on your team. Have you recently evaluated your motivation tactics or how you set goals with employees that really impacts sales rep performance? 

Motivated sales reps are key to the success of your business, but motivating your staff is not a one size fits all’ solution. What works for some isn’t always the answer for others. Your staff will fit into one of four common personality styles. While not one of these styles is the best’, they each have strengths and weaknesses. Let’s discover ways you can set goals and motivate your staff based on their personality type; ensuring you’re creating the opportunity for all sales reps to reach their peak potential, and ultimately, furthering the success of your company.

  1. Analytical: The Perfectionists

This process-driven individual keeps things moving but can often get caught up in the details when in the wrong situation or without the correct sales training. Encourage their technical knowledge and problem-solving ability and pair them with a customer who may not be sure what they’re looking for. Motivation for this individual comes with specific and detailed goals being set for them so they know exactly what they’re working towards. 

  1. Driver: The Visionaries

This determined individual should not be trapped behind a cash register. They need to feel important and are the type to excel when milling about the sales floor meeting and greeting customers. In fact, they can often efficiently juggle multiple customers at a time. They can, however, be too decisive and would rather make a bad decision than no decision and won’t want to admit when they’re wrong. If it’s competition time, this individual is in! They thrive off a challenge with sales charts and regular updates and acknowledgement. 

  1. Amiable: The Diplomats

In positive and safe work environments, these individuals will shine! They may be more hesitant to pitch the most expensive product or approach customers who may appear to be getting along just fine, but their patient and caring nature works wonders on customers who are looking for someone to listen and create a sense of appreciation and value. Work with these individuals and ask them about their goals, give them time to think things through, and know they’re going to get things done and meet deadlines in order to maintain positive relationships.

  1. Expressive: The Socialist

This outgoing, creative, and fun individual is the spark on your team and not afraid of possibilities. They just love to be involved. Similar to the Driver, this individual should not be stuck behind a counter but may need to learn to modify their personality to fit that of a consumer so they don’t come across as overwhelming. You’re going to want to talk to this individual about their goals and check back with them on how they’re tracking before the deadline.

People on your team will without a doubt exhibit traits of multiple personality styles but will strongly display characteristics of one in particular. If you’re not sure which, get to know your sales reps and their personalities by having them take this short quiz.

People often assume individuals of different personality styles would clash but they can complement each other. Consider pairing different styles together so they can learn from each other.

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