Loyalty Program Tip and RQ Report of the Month

Our Loyalty Program is a great tool to get your customers back into your stores. Offer them a reason to return and track your reward program within RQ.

Our Loyalty Program can be set up to reward your customers for each dollar spent or per transaction. Once the customer has earned their reward you have the option to use our coupon to credit the customers invoice based on your reward criteria. The customer’s Loyalty Program status will track on each invoice and you have the option to use the Loyalty Program Report for details on all your loyal customers.

Customers enjoy reward programs… they are not only for grocery stores. Create yours today!

RQ Report of the Month: Transfer History Report

We have a great Right Click Trick” within the Transfer History Report. Run this report and right click on an open transfer -- there are several options including: Email (to sender or receiver), Preview, Print and Cancel (this allows the transfer to be canceled and the products will return to the original locations inventory). We make life better with our Right Click Tricks.”

If you have any questions about this feature or RQ in general, please contact your CSM directly.