Love It or Leave It: What Shoppers Really Think About Retail Technology

We all know that technology is playing a huge roll in the ever-changing retail landscape.

In my last blog, The Death of Boring Retail, I detailed the changing retail landscape and the need to create a more immersive shopping experience importance for retailers. I focused on the fact that it was not retail that was dying but rather boring retail” that was going the way of the dodo. We dove into how strategic store design and the inclusion of tech into that design would help facilitate the necessary changes to survive.

My friend and iQmetrix Omnichannel Marketing Manager, Megan Howse, took my thought one step further. In her recent blog, How In-Store Technologies will Help You Keep the Lights On, she outlined a wide variety of technology that retailers can roll out in their retail stores and the positive effects it can have on the bottom line and on the shopping experience. Boring retail no more!

The time to start incorporating more technology is now. The challenge for retailers is evaluating which technology is needed to attract an engage with customers. But there is something that makes this analysis a little easier; for the most part, shoppers like these technological changes. The increase of tech in stores has allowed shoppers to take ownership of shopping experience, creating a buyers’ market, so to speak. In a recent study released by HRC Retail Advisory, 95% of consumers stated they want to be left alone when shopping. This phenomena opens the door for retailers to implement technology that allows consumers to shop on their own and at their own pace, only engaging with sales associates when it suits them.

So, what technologies are shoppers interested in, and which could they do without?

Not Their Favorite

Mobile Payments

According to the study, only 8% of consumers polled said that mobile payments—the option to pay via a mobile app — was important to them.

In-Store Events

Consumers went on to say that retailers’ special in-store events designed to create communities weren’t overly important, with just 19% reporting that they felt it was.


Mobile POS

Nearly 30% of respondents said that the ability to pay a sales associate form anywhere in the store via mobile POS was important to them. POS freedom is power.

In-Store Apps

29% of survey respondents said that in store apps, such as Endless Aisle, that provide product recommendations and additional product information was important to them.

Reserve Online, Pickup In-Store

Finally, the ability to leverage eCommerce and Dropship functionality to reserve online and pick up instore, or buy in-store and deliver to home was important to 242% of respondents.

Other technologies deemed important to customers, by customers, includes:

  • Mobile Promotions & Sales
  • In-Store Wifi
  • Social Media

With any new implementation of tech, there is an adoption curve and when it comes to in-store retail technology, the retail sphere is still in the early adopter phase. That being said, this study clearly indicates that adoption new tech is growing; it’s now on the retailers to implement technology and optimize it’s features to improve the in-store experience.

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