Learn How to Personalize the In-Store Sales Experience with iQmetrix at MWCA

As any wireless retailer knows, personalization is key for connecting with today’s consumers. Online and in-person shoppers alike are becoming increasingly accustomed to experiences that seamlessly reflect their wants and needs. As omnichannel marketing strategies become the norm, retailers who know how to personalize the sales experience will stay ahead.

This week, at the inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA), iQmetrix will be hosting a one-of-a-kind wireless store experience, for industry leaders to learn how our leading POS and Retail Management Software, RQ, can help provide fully-customized sales experiences. We’ll be walking wireless retailers through case studies from Samsung, TESSCO, Staymobile, and others to show you how our products can enhance the in-store experience. Here’s a sneak peek at the lessons in store.

Set Your Sales Associates Up to Win

Who’s better at personalizing the sales process than your sales associates? Sales associates work on the front lines of a business, and have the deepest impact on a brand’s perception. Training sales associates to offer attentive, personable, enthusiastic assistance helps the sales process feel like less of a hard sell. Giving associates tools to reference an individual’s purchasing history or service queries also empowers them to personalize their pitch and drive sales.

At MWCA, we will demonstrate how our full-suite retail management system (RMS), RQ, combines customer relationship management (CRM) functionality with inventory, accounting, and marketing tools within one interface. By equipping sales personnel with robust customer profiles, you can make sure your sales associates are always personalizing their offers and interactions with customers. This will help them feel known and understood, while steering them towards promotions and products that match their purchase history and interests.

Empower Customers with Product Information

Consumers want a customized sales experience, but they also want to feel in charge of their purchases. While your sales associates should be able to guide your consumers through their sales journey, you should also equip your store with technology that makes it faster, easier, smarter, and more fun to shop. An easy way to do this is through interactive touchscreens, like Endless Aisle, that allow your in-store customers to browse through your full product line.

At MWCA, learn how Endless Aisle can give your consumers the full visibility they desire into your product line, and provide a single transaction point for both virtual and physical products all in one purchase. We’ll show you how this technology gives your consumers the same information as sales associates, so that they can shop the way they want to — and how to personalize the sales process by following up with email promotions for add-on and accessories that match the shopper’s browsing history.

Personalize Your In-Store Messaging

As much of your messaging as possible should be personalized for your customers. This includes everything from your email messages and your mobile ads to your in-store displays. Addressing an individual directly promotes a feeling of familiarity that helps your consumers feel known and understood. Personalized messaging also drives more sales since it speaks directly to an individual’s tastes and interests. A sophisticated system for customer relationship management makes it more manageable to organize and optimize communications across channels.

At MWCA, we’ll show you how the right products can customize the in-store wireless journey. Come learn how new technologies, like digital signage, make it easier than ever for wireless retailers to change their messaging based on the time of day, the amount of customers in-store, and other variables. Using data from customers’ phones, you can even change messaging based on the individual customer. These visual merchandising techniques send targeted information or offers to your customers to provide customized in-store experiences. We’ll also show you how our CMS makes it easy to manage this messaging across networks, devices, and locations through a centralized platform. This way, you can pair in-store digital signage with other efforts, such as direct text messages to customers, to provide a cohesive brand experience.

Building relationships with consumers takes commitment and consistency. It’s not enough to use a first name in a sales email or at check-out — you need to personalize the sales journey at every step of the way. Come visit iQmetrix at the inaugural MWCA, in San Francisco, CA on September 12-14, 2017, to learn more about how the RQ Platform and other iQmetrix products help retailers connect with all consumers on a more meaningful level.

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