Keep Your Wireless Customers Happy With Omnichannel Strategies

In today’s era, as brick-and-mortar and online visions for retail are commingling, wireless retailers need omnichannel strategies that address their customers’ needs across both online and offline realms.

Wireless retailers should create consumer-centric strategies that combine enticing environments, customized rewards, and targeted advertisements to their target markets. Let’s look at three specific omnichannel strategies wireless retailers can use to keep their customers happy.

Loyalty programs


To understand omnichannel retail, we need to understand the potential customer. People are social; our need to belong is an important drive. That’s why building strong relationships with consumers will help promote brand loyalty and ensure that consumers don’t switch wireless companies.

One way wireless providers can make customers feel like they belong is by developing loyalty or discount programs through the use of big data analytics. These days almost every company is learning as much about their shoppers as possible by storing their online and offline activity. This data can inform companies of which patrons would be best targeted with specific offers or discount coupons. By learning what individual customers want, companies can develop more sophisticated loyalty programs. For example, you could offer free international calling to customers who frequently click on promotions about long distance phone deals. Rewarding loyal customers who renew their plans or stay with their service provider for a certain amount of time is a great way for wireless retailers to propel brand loyalty and develop stronger relationships with their customers.

Targeted ads

wireless customers

To make people feel valued, it helps to direct information to them that matches their individual tastes. For example, a wireless retailer may have an advertisement that incorporates a local football team. Using analytics, wireless retailers can uncover which potential customers are most likely to be interested in this material and target these customers accordingly.

Once your point of sale and other retail solutions are measuring and collecting customer data, this information can be used to shape targeted ad campaigns. For example, if a cellphone user frequently goes over their data limit for the month but hardly uses their call minutes, wireless retailers could send them information about data-heavy phone plans, or offer a discount on monthly data with the in-store purchase of a new phone model.

Customized store environments

Visual Merchandising with digital signage and advertisements

Visual merchandising, or the arrangement of physical space in a brick-and-mortar store, can also help keep customers happy. There are all sorts of techniques for adjusting the in-store environment. The types of advertisements or photos shown on digital signage may change shoppers’ habits; similarly, slow music can keep shoppers in-store longer, which translates to more sales. You can change the store environment in many ways to encourage shoppers to complete their consumer journeys.

How can wireless retailers use omnichannel tactics to optimize their visual merchandising and in-store environment? You guessed it — analytics strikes again. By monitoring customers’ shopping habits, wireless retailers can create environments that consumers are proven to respond to. If more customers stop to watch video content on digital signage in the afternoon than in the evening, when shoppers may be rushed to make a purchase before stores close, retailers should feature video content in the middle of the day. If consumers tend to stay shopping longer when calmer, ambient music is playing, retailers should update their playlists accordingly. Big data can help wireless retailers track customer behaviour to create environments that encourage them to make a purchase.

The world of analytics, targeted ads, and other omnichannel strategies can seem complicated and overwhelming — but it really doesn’t have to be. Start with simple solutions like an integrated point of sale or an all-in-one platform. These products enable wireless companies to better understand what their consumers want, which is the first step in developing long-lasting relationships. 

To find out how these benefits can provide increased consistency, efficiency and convenience to build a successful cross-channel brand experience, fill out the form to download the whitepaper, titled: Omnichannel Retail Moves From Channel To Platform.

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