Jingle Bells: Why the Festive In-Store Experience Sells

Tis the season when the shoppers are out in full force and retailers are looking to capitalize on the impending sales.

As consumers we’re over stimulated with the bright lights of the holidays. How do you stand out amongst all the stores that are offering holiday deals”? Bringing the holidays in-store helps your brand stand out amongst the glitter and lights of the season. Here are three examples what you can do to bring the best of the holidays in-store. 

Spread the holiday cheer in-store 

  • Traditional holiday experience: The tried and true tradition of bringing Santa Claus is a sure way to create a holiday experience in-store. Add a fun twist like Cabela’s, a retail store specializing in hunting, fishing & camping supplies, does. They have Santa come in for free pictures but he’s decked in camouflage gear to fit their store’s theme. Not only do they hit their target audience, but the families come in to see Santa and may pick something up at the same time.
  • Leverage technology: In addition to more seasonal staff, holiday helpers”, Walmart is utilizing other ways to increase their holiday experience. Rather than just having Santa Claus in their stores they’ve introduced selfie stations. The stations are placed throughout the store which allows for customers to be shopping while they happen upon a selfie station. While it’s more of an addition to the shopping experience rather than the main reason the customer would be visiting the store it helps to create a festive mood in-store.
  • Interactive experiences: PetSmart brings the holidays in to their stores through interactive and personalized experiences. Their Stuff-a-Stocking’ event allows customers to customize stockings for their pets. They also bring Santa into take pictures with customer’s pets and offer use of their grooming salon to get your pet picture ready. 

There are countless other ways to capture the energy of the holidays to boost the in-store experience. Many retailers are known to create specific holiday themed window displays, shopping centers set up Santa’s workshop or holiday villages in their common areas and other stores utilize holiday themed digital signage.

Comment below with the best holiday in-store experience you’ve seen. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

The holidays aren’t the only event of the year you can create an experience with. Explore tips incorporating in-store events into your retail strategy by following the link below: