It’s Time to Give a Ship: Fulfill Customer Needs With Drop Ship

One of my biggest shopping frustrations is walking into a store and finding out the product I’d like to buy is out of stock. On most occasions, I’ve done my research on the product to see if it’s carried in your store.

So, to go there, only to find you’re out of stock is annoying. It means my short shopping trip must be elongated to include driving to another location, or an entirely different company.

It appears many customers also share my frustration. According to a Zebra Technologies’ Retail Vision study, more than half of retailers rated out-of-stock items as being one of the largest sources of customer frustration in store, with 65% saying they plan to offer the ability to order out-of-stock items and have them delivered to a customer’s home.”

With that in mind, let’s dive into some scenarios where the addition of drop ship will allow you to fulfill your customer’s needs.

Item isn’t offered in-store

Unsurprisingly, retailers cannot carry full product lines within their stores. Thus, only top-selling products will be stocked. Hopefully, these items will serve the vast majority of your customers, but there are always going to be unique shoppers who will want items outside of your inventory. Combining your in-store offering with drop ship will allow you to provide your vendor’s entire product line without increasing the costs associated with carrying stock.

High-end product lines

These products carry high overhead, and for that reason, retailers are forced to be selective on which of these lines, if any, will be stocked. Even if a retailer decides to carry some of these products, it’s usually in a limited capacity. With drop ship, retailers can fully reduce all the impacts of overhead, while still being able to provide their customers with the products they’re in search of.

The above are just a couple of the scenarios in which drop ship could be utilized to curb frustrations and satisfy consumers – without the overhead risk. Have more questions about how drop ship works? Dig deeper in our guide to drop ship scenarios, or register for our webinar, Dropship 101: You Don’t Know Ship.

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