Is Your Merchandising Ready for the Holiday Rush?

eMarketer predicts holiday retail sales will jump by 5.7% this year, with online sales growing by 13.9%.

Mobile sales accounted for 22.6% of online holiday shopping in 2014, according to IBM, and that number is expected to go up this year.

Do you have an omnichannel merchandising strategy in place?

What are the challenges related to omnichannel merchandising? Which retailers are already doing a good job of it? How can you bring your retail business up to speed?

These are the questions we address in our recent whitepaper, How to Bring Your Merchandising Strategy into the Omnichannel Age.

Some highlights for you to consider:

  • Today’s consumer is shopping at all hours of the day, whether in-store, at a desktop or via mobile devices. A major challenge for retailers: Delivering a consistent brand experience across all of these different channels.
  • Getting the right product mix in-store is difficult; even more difficult is getting the right mix across in-store and online. Where should you offer hot items and discount less popular ones?
  • Macy’s uses inventory technology to determine if an item is underperforming at one location, because it may be worthwhile to move it to a store across town (where it may be showing higher demand), rather than marking the item down.
  • Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) improved its inventory visibility to connect its previously separate physical and online stores. Now, customers can purchase the shoes they want regardless of their location in the DSW system.