iPhone Launch vs. iQmetrix Meetup: 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss One for the Other

Worried about the upcoming iPhone launch? Here’s why the iQmetrix Meetup might just be the best place to be!
1. We’ll be fully prepared on site.

We’ve got your back! Join us in the situation room where you can buckle down and take care of any duties needed with RQ experts at your fingertips. We’ll be prepared to ensure you have a successful iPhone launch.

2. Real Inventory Management session.

In this 2 hour hands-on session you’ll learn all about forecasting for an iPhone Launch. With best practices for ordering, discover trends you can see from your RQ data to help forecast for the coming holiday season. If the pre-ordering phase leading up to the release has been stressful, send your managers to the inventory sessions to make next year a breeze!

3. We’d hate for you to miss out.

If you don’t attend You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know 2.0, your fellow dealers will be ahead of the game with all the tips and tricks you’ll miss out on. New training aside, everyone knows iQmetrix knows how to throw great party. (And if you didn’t know, now you know!)

4. Join the discussion.

What better place to be for one of the biggest announcements in wireless of the year? Your kids may not want to talk about the iPhone launch at dinner but we can guarantee everyone at the Meetup does.
Time is running out! Join us in Scottsdale.