Increase Visibility Across Multiple Retail Locations

The following blog was written by iQmetrix Integrated Partner, Envysion, exploring how to improve operational efficiency with integrated video surveillance. 

When you walk into one of your wireless retail locations, you instantly start conducting a thorough visual survey to see if everything is as it should be. Are the employees observing the dress code? Is your product inventory displayed neatly? Are customers being greeted as they come through the door? You observe a few procedural violations to nitpick before going about your business, but these small breaches of policy are only from the store you can see. But what about your other locations? 

It’s hard enough to oversee day-to-day activity in one single location, and downright impossible to be in multiple places at once to monitor activities across your entire wireless retail empire. Now, with integrated managed video solutions, you can increase your visibility across multiple wireless retail locations and improve operational efficiency, letting you be in all of your stores at once. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, we’ve got the proof.

Start Capturing SMART Surveillance Video

Traditional video surveillance systems only give business owners one piece of the puzzle; video. In most cases, store owners and managers would have to be on-site to review captured surveillance footage. With intuitive video technology like Envysion’s video-based business intelligence, a better way for wireless retail owners to monitor their locations was imagined; managed video solutions that combine surveillance video footage with the correlated audio and transactional data. All of your integrated video, audio, and transactional data is available on one device with a single login, even for owners with multiple wireless retail locations.

Improve Operational Efficiency

When you can monitor activity in all of your wireless retail locations simultaneously, operational efficiency increases tenfold. Thumb through live or recorded video surveillance footage from the comfort of your home office or favorite coffee shop to ensure compliance with operational procedures. Easily flag, save, and share segments of your surveillance footage to share with managers or employees to address specific behaviors or customer interactions. Looking to recognize and reward employees for particularly outstanding behavior? You can easily pinpoint the interactions that made a difference, showcasing those employees who are going above and beyond to increase team morale.

8 Operational Procedures to Monitor

If you were going to be at each and every one of your wireless retail locations all day every day, what types of things would you be watching for throughout the day? Customer interactions? Store cleanliness? Employee engagement and efficiency? Envysion can help you identify these occurrences in your surveillance recordings. Here are 8 operational procedures that you can now monitor remotely using an integrated managed video solution:

  1. Open & Close Time: Make sure your wireless retail locations are opening and closing on time. Use the respective time stamp to ensure that your employees are strictly adhering to your advertised store hours, and video makes it easy to see exactly when your doors were opened and closed.
  2. Uniform Violations: Check to make sure that employees are wearing the correct clothing and adhering to your uniform policy. See if shirts are tucked in, look for appropriate footwear, and more with intelligent surveillance video.
  3. Greet Time: How quickly are customers being greeted when they walk through the door? Watch recorded and live surveillance video footage to find out. Capture and share relevant clips to address positive and negative employee behavior.
  4. Activation Procedures: Are your employees following your specific activation procedures? Monitor and review your surveillance footage to ensure procedural compliance.
  5. Inventory Management: Managed video solutions make it easy to remotely track your inventory. Captured surveillance footage is paired with corresponding sales data from your retail management system so you can see products being sold, exchanged, or returned throughout the day.
  6. Staffing: Ensure your wireless retail locations are being adequately staffed throughout the day. See that you have the correct number of employees on the store during peak hours and that individuals aren’t abusing your lunch break policies.
  7. Safe Policy: Having a security camera dedicated solely for monitoring your safe will help you ensure procedural compliance and mitigate future losses. Check at any time, night or day, to see that your safe is properly closed. Use motion search to quickly scan and observe employees opening and closing the safe or handling cash.
  8. Identification Verification: Your employees are required to verify a customer’s ID before proceeding with a transaction. Are licenses being properly checked? Use live or recorded surveillance video footage to find out.

Are you ready yo increase visibility in your wireless retail locations? You’ve got all the facts, now you just need the tools to the operational potential of managed retail video.