If Online Shopping is King, In-Store is Queen

Online shopping is king. It’s simple, it’s fast, (it’s an awesome distraction from work) and can be done anywhere. But if online shopping is king, in-store is queen.

In a recent survey done by Euclid analytics, 83% of consumers indicated that smart devices are central to their shopping experience, however 67% shop in-store because they like to hold and try the products.

In order to effectively attract and engage with that 83%, it is paramount that retailers impress and delight the digitally-driven consumers along the path to purchase. No matter what channel your customers choose, they expect a consistent interaction with your brand.

To do this, retailers need to take what consumers love of about the digital shopping experience and put that in-store, specifically digital signage and endless aisle solutions. Here are some best practices for retailers considering implementing these solutions.

One size does not fit all 

Every retailer has unique qualities that set it apart from competitors. For retailers with larger inventory or a small physical footprint, endless aisle technology makes a lot of sense. The former can use endless aisle and digital signage technology to highlight featured items, showcasing products that may otherwise get lost in the sea of vast inventory. For the latter, the solutions allow retailers to showcase their entire inventory without wasting precious retail space.

Enhancing not replacing

Endless aisle does not replace the need for sales reps in a store as they need to be available to answer any questions customers may have. An endless aisle solution gives the sales associates the ability to guide the customer through the purchase showing them a wide variety of products while education them on each product they view.

Incorporating digital solutions as part of a larger brand strategy

It’s important to note that rolling out an in-store digital strategy, although possibly a new venture for some companies, doesn’t necessarily mean you are starting from scratch. The endless aisle channel is another stream through which to tell your brand story, and you can take existing assets from past campaigns and website to boost engagement during the in-store experience.

Though endless aisle is still relatively new strategy for many retailers, the potential it has to enhance in-store experiences, help sales associates better serve consumers, and connect with the digitally driven consumer cannot be ignored. With a large amount of customers buying in-store, implementing an in-store digital strategy will keep retail alive. Long live the queen.

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