Humans of iQmetrix: Daronne Goree, Business Development

Our next Humans of iQmetrix mini-profile focuses on Daronne Goree, our Florida-by-way-of-Chicago Vice President of Business Development. 

Daronne joined iQmetrix in 2023 and has brought new energy not only to the Revenue team, but also to the entire company. His lead on the Revenue team, Jason Raymer, describes Daronne as ambitious, strategic, aware, and a storyteller.” 

Let’s get to know this dynamic dude a bit better.

iQmetrix: Tell us a little bit about your role at iQmetrix.

Daronne: I was brought on to the Revenue team to develop a true Sales team, to build that engine, all the processes, and develop the muscle we need there. This covers lead generation and how we work those leads, how we provide velocity within the funnel, how we create transparency within the funnel for other stakeholders, and how we close deals. One of the key strengths I have in this area is being able to recognize talent and helping develop that, putting people in positions where we can leverage their strengths from a sales perspective.

One of the things that I love about this company is its ability to empower people who have proven that they have a skill set that allows them to be successful. My team lead, Jason, trusts me to be able to continue to bring on new talent. I truly feel that I’ve been given permission to be able to build the team and put in place the processes we need in order to be successful. To be candid, you don’t get that in a lot of organizations.

What was your previous role, and the story that got you to iQmetrix?

I was working for a sales consultancy company before iQmetrix — and lead a good mix of both tenured/​senior and somewhat more junior team. We were able to break a lot of goals and do a lot for revenue growth, but I felt a little caged, and didn’t have the flexibility and freedom that I mentioned. I knew Rebecca Ellis (Senior Solutions Architect on the Partner team) from days at Asurion, and I saw that she was working at iQmetrix. A few conversations later, Jason and I were sitting together just outside of Nashville, and he said he’d love to have me on the team.

Rebecca’s referral was invaluable, and she’s been awesome in giving me visibility into the dynamics of the company.

What’s your background prior to that?

Well, I worked for Asurion for a decade and a half prior to a decade on the wireless industry. I started in college as a sales rep, climbed the ranks pretty quickly to District Manager then Director, then actually had a few of my own stores for a while, which was fun. We sold those stores to a large local entity and then managed that entity’s entire portfolio until they sold as well. And once they sold, it was a good time for me as it gave me some equity, but also left me wondering, where do I go? I remembered our Asurion field rep coming into my store all the time, so that’s when I joined Asurion. I reached out to my contact and was hired as the Midwest Regional Account Manager supporting Sprint in 2008.

Looking further back, I grew up on the north side of Chicago, which is a total melting pot and kind of different than some of the places you might have heard about Chicago. I was lucky to go to a magnet school and I had a great family and positive neighborhood upbringing. I’m a huge Chicago Bulls fan. But winters in Chicago are rough! My career began in Chicago but has taken me to Kansas City, and most recently Nashville, before making Florida our permanent vacation home.”

What’s something that we might not know about you?

Aside from being a Bulls fan, the main thing of course is my family. I had two boys right out of college, so I had to kind of grow up with my sons, Daverion and Caronne. They’re 21 and 19 now, both in college themselves. And I know a lot of people say I don’t look old enough to have sons that age but, believe me, I have the tuition bills to prove it! When they were young, I coached their youth basketball teams. Yes… I was that dad, and all their friends still call me Coach, which is kind of cool.

Then recently, my wife and I pressed the reset button, and we now have a three-year-old daughter, Carsynn. People often ask me, why do that all over again? But I missed being the parent of a young child — all the camaraderie and the sports and all that stuff was more suited to us than being empty nesters at this stage of our life.

I’m really into golf, too — my mentor was my uncle, who used to work for some major broadcast companies, and he introduced me to golf. I’m so grateful that I was able to take him to the Masters, which was a major highlight. I live near the golf course here in Florida, so that inspires me to play.

I’m also a big foodie. Anything ethnic… I love Argentinian and Pervian food, and I’m a tequila aficionado. I make that kind of a calling card in social situations, and I make a great paloma. I’ve introduced more people to palomas than I care to admit! In my short time here… Even a few iQers who will remain nameless! ;)

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