How to Use Customization to Encourage Wireless Device Purchases

The science of consumer psychology has advanced significantly in recent years. This is true for both our ability to understand customers and for using psychology to influence and persuade consumer behavior. Aspects of consumer psychology have been engineered into retail environments for decades. But now that retail is evolving into an omnichannel environment, it’s time to reconsider old approaches.

Customize the research process

Creating relationships with consumers requires a bit of give and take. They should feel like a company is aiding their experience as much as possible in return for the business they give. Consumers feel better served when wireless retailers make it easy to find in-depth information. This includes research into products, stores, directions, plans, etc. Information should be easily accessible across channels—in-store, mobile, online — and customized based on the individual’s needs.

Smart wireless retailers make research extra easy by customizing search results and offers based on customers’ past purchases, searches, and interactions. Studies have shown that the majority of consumers feel frustrated when web content isn’t personalized based on their search history or interests. If a customer has previously expressed interest in a new smartphone model, consider emailing them with product specs or upcoming promotions for that product. By personalizing web content and outreach, you can help customers streamline the research process by giving them the relevant, thorough product information they’re after.

Equip your sales staff with robust customer profiles

robust customer profiles on devices

Put the custom” in customer service” by using an innovative customer relationship manager (CRM). Ideally, your CRM will be connected to e-commerce platform and POS to ensure that you are gathering data from customers at every touchpoint. If a customer expresses interest online about purchasing a new phone and phone plan — for example, by clicking through to plan pages, or requesting more information via email on plan promotions — your customer service staff should have this information at their fingertips when they visit a brick-and-mortar location. This way, your staff can already have an idea of the types of services your customer is most interested in, like a high-definition camera and unlimited data, and be prepared to offer them phones and plans with these features.

By making recommendations based off customers’ purchase and search history, you can help increase the sales of devices. In fact, according to recent research, 75% of customers are more likely to buy from a retailer that personalizes their efforts, either by recognizing them by name, recommending options based on past purchases, or remembering their purchase history.

Take an omnichannel approach to your marketing

omnichannel shopper psychology

When personalizing your advertisements or correspondence with customers, be sure to take an omnichannel approach. Customers are most likely to complete a purchase if they feel understood by your brand, and leading wireless retailers will personalize their efforts across all channels and platforms to create a cohesive brand experience. Using your cell phone store POS and retail management system, you can design cost-effective, targeted marketing campaigns that are consistent in tone, style, and message whether you’re reaching a customer through text messages or digital signage in-store. For example, if a customer is due for a phone upgrade, you can send them a text message letting them know about new phone models they are eligible for. If they visit a brick-and-mortar location, you can use the same language that’s on your in-store digital signage to remind customers of promotions and help nudge them towards purchase.

Research has shown that customers are increasingly willing to allow retailers to use their data in exchange for better retail experiences. In fact, up to 60% of surveyed consumers reported feeling comfortable having their interests tracked by retailers in order to deliver better shopping experiences. By personalizing interactions with your customers, you can create an emotional connection that helps with brand loyalty and confidence in their wireless device purchases.

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