How to Save Time and Money with Carrier-Specific Integration

In the wireless industry, it’s a constant struggle to shave time off transactions (particularly activations) and maximize every dollar. If you’re a wireless dealer, I’m willing to make a bet that reconciling commissions with your carrier causes the regular onset of a headache you can set your watch to.

So what’s the answer? Ensuring your POS or retail management solution has carrier-specific integrations.

Take back your time

Manual reconciliation, whether highlighting printed sheets or matching a plethora of convoluted spreadsheets, can take days/​weeks of work. In fact, many companies hire a full-time employee just for the reconciliation process.

There’s also the challenge of manual and duplicate entry of customer data, features, and terms at the point of activation which leaves dealers vulnerable to human errors. For store-level staff, this leaves them with customers frustrated by longer-than-needed wait times. In turn, back office staff are stuck with a drawn-out and stressful commission reconciliation procedure. It’s a lose-lose-lose.

The problem was the amount of time it took to sell a device and the errors that could result from it. – Charlie Kariainen, VP Sales, TEAMWireless – Verizon

Save yourself money

Manual and convoluted reconciliation processes not only cost you time, they cost you money. Having a solid price sheet with associated promotions tracked automatically in the reconciliation module can save you thousands of dollars per month.

Detecting missed payments can help you unravel the mystery behind those discrepancies. Perhaps a certain employee makes continuous keying entries at the point of sale and needs to be re-trained. Perhaps the intent behind the discrepancy is malicious.

With an integration with your POS, carrier reconciliation can be made easy with a simple import process and the click of an auto-reconcile button.

It equated to real money being flushed down the toilet.
– Joseph Reinke, Director of Operations, The Digital Store
– Verizon

Investing in a POS or retail management solution that has an integration to your specific carrier makes it quicker and easier to uncover exceptions and investigate their causes and this equates to more money in your pocket.

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