How They Work: Defining Endless Aisle, Dropship, and RQ

These days buzzwords are more abundant than ever, and wireless is no exception. Two commonly confused terms in the industry are Endless Aisle and Dropship. To provide some clarity, we’ll begin with some definitions and then we’ll go into how Endless Aisle and Dropship work together with our POS software, RQ, to provide endless product options to your customers, allowing you and your sales associates to say nothing but YES.

Endless Aisle: [end-lis ahyl]

An interactive touchscreen that allows your in-store customers to browse and buy a wide variety of merchandise in-stock or available through Dropship.

Dropship: [drop-ship]

A service that gives you the ability to send items from your vendor or fulfillment locations directly to your customer’s door.

RQ: [ahr kyoo] 

A full-suite retail management system (RMS) and Point of Sale (POS), with modules for inventory, accounting, finance, human resources, and reporting.

How does it work?


1) Endless Aisle

On a touchscreen or tablet, Endless Aisle displays the products you have either in-stock or available through your Dropship vendor(s). Customers can browse products – viewing images, specifications, and marketing material – comparing them, filtering by brand, availability, or color, and add their item to the cart as desired. Product pricing and availability pull from RQ, staying up to date across all systems.


2) Endless Aisle to RQ

When finished browsing, customers provide their name and send their cart to RQ To be assisted by your sales associates. Through the integration with RQ, the customer’s cart will appear in all workstation terminals in that store location under Pending orders’. If you have an e-commerce site, and your customer isn’t to purchase at that time, a mobile takeaway option can be provided to customers at the checkout stage. The customer would enter their email address on the screen and get sent an email including a URL to your website where they can purchase the product. 


3) RQ

When the customer ready to pay, the sales associate opens their Endless Aisle cart in RQ. Their chosen products open in RQ, billing and shipping information is added, shipping options are chosen, and payment is made. Customers receive an email confirming their order information for products getting shipped from Dropship vendor.

Sophie4.png4) Pick pack & Ship

The order in RQ is now complete! At this step, your Dropship vendors receive a notification, through our supplier integrations, with the product and customer details. The products are picked, packed, and shipped from the warehouse directly to the customer’s home or to store — depending on the customer’s chosen option. . Your customer will receive a follow up email providing tracking information.

Sophie5.png5) Product delivery

Customer’s receive their products directly at the location of their choice – whether that be at home, work, or back in-store. Because all information is captured through RQ with a record of sale, if a customer isn’t happy with their purchase or in the small event that it is a defective product, they can bring it back for an in-store refund. By providing the return option, customers are brought back into store where great experiences can be created.

Want all the details about how Endless Aisle and Dropship can be your game changing dynamic duo?

Shutterstock / Dustin Petkovic