How In-Store Technologies Will Help You Keep the Lights On

Think of in-store retail technology as electricity in your home. It has little value on its own, but when combined with other elements, it can have a huge impact on your life — or in this case, your business.

Say Watt? It’s true!

Delight Your Customers.

Technology must help customers do what they came to do!

A television on its own may have little impact, but by putting powerful messaging and promotional information on that screen, you create a profitable digital signage solution. This solution can serve as the attraction piece to draw customers in, increase sales with promotional messaging, meet digital expectations of a technology business, and enable you to easily stay current with your messaging by pushing updates from one central location.

A tablet can sit on display or it can serve as a tool to remove pain points for your customers. By installing Endless Aisle technology on the tablet, you allow your customer to more easily find and experience products, compare specs, and understand pricing and stock inventory information. Idle wait times for sales staff or during phone activations will also feel reduced when they are occupied with your interactive touchscreen. If this technology is integrated directly with your POS and a drop ship fulfillment service is provided at no additional charge, you are ensuring your customers always get what they came in-store for.

Empower Your Sales Staff.

Technology should help sales associates to perform better.

If your wireless store is your biggest physical asset, then your sales associates and how they interact with your customers is one of the most important drivers for profitability. In-store technology isn’t intended to replace your sales staff; it should compliment their works and allow them to focus on customer service.

Mobile devices, touch screens, and point-of-service technology empowers your associates by making information easier to access. Quick answers to questions around inventory at other locations, fulfillment options, pricing, and product details let’s your associates feel confident when with a shopper. . These technologies will also speed up transaction times, leaving more time to engage with customers and ensure they are always having a great experience. In turn, associates will see increased commissions and you will see an output of higher sales.

Increase Your Employee Efficiency.

Technology should enable managers and corporate employees to work smarter.

In-store technology will allow day-to-day business to be conducted in a way that saves time and money. With technologies built on an open platform, your employees will have access to more information and automate processes that normally require a lot of manpower.

Digital signage and interactive touchscreens that are built on a content management system allow product and marketing teams to easily push updates from a central location, or schedule changes ahead of time to align with promotions or product launches. Endless Aisle and point-of service technologies should provide you with better reporting, automated inventory processes, automated CRM integrations, and more.

You’ll be shocked to see the profitably created by introducing smart technology in-store. But it’s important to remember that introducing new in-store technology alone isn’t going to be what gets you out of the dark ages – you have to support and train on it to make sure everything stays up and running as you intended.

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