How Authorized Wireless Dealers Can Leverage Instagram

Ahh, Instagram. It’s the great bragging network – where you can show off your latest DIY creation, fancy meal, #blessed photo, gym selfie, animal pic… and wireless brand story.

Yup, you read that correctly – If you aren’t already, your wireless business (big or small) should be on Instagram. No ifs, ands, or buts. Major carriers are active on it, and your customers are using it on the devices you sell, so, where are you?

With so many other pressing issues in your day-to-day, Instagram (or social media in general) may not be on your radar as a top priority. But would you see it differently if you knew it could quell some of these headaches?

  • Low foot traffic
  • Expensive advertising campaigns
  • Unengaged employees
  • Slow-moving product

Believe it or not, Instagram can help wireless retailers with all of the above everyday stressors. It is a channel to directly and freely communicate with consumers, and the ironic part is – you’re the hand that feeds them (the device to use Instagram on!)

So why is Instagram so powerful and how can it help wireless dealers with the above issues?

1. Tell the world who you are as a brand 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; a thousand words today’s consumers are most likely not going to read about your brand. Due to declining attention spans, an image with your brand message is more likely to capture their attention. Utilize Instagram’s highly engaged audience of over 500 million active users to showcase what your brand is all about. What are the emotions that drive your brand? What feelings do you want to evoke? What do your customers gain from your story? 

Cut back on expensive print ads and mail-out brochures and invest time in creating a compelling brand awareness strategy. Get your employees engaged by encouraging them to be brand ambassadors on Instagram (with rules of course.)

65% of people are visual learners and 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual.

Pro tip: Cheat the algorithm and keep your brand top of mind (and top of feed) by using the Instagram Stories feature.

2. Showcase and generate anticipation and excitement for the products you sell 

Use Instagram to ride the wave of a new phone release. Releases (especially for highly anticipated phones) are high-profile events. I guarantee there will be popular hashtags circulating around; capitalize on them to reach a wider audience. Boost in-store traffic by creating clever posts and promotions around the releases. A promotion could be as simple as an accessory discount for customers who share a picture at your store and tag you in it. Why not reap the benefits of tapping into their list of followers?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Don’t resign yourself to believing an old phone is not going to sell. You can use Instagram to put a fresh face on an older model by showcasing the product and what it can do. Have fun with it. Run an old campaign (#oldphonesdeservehomestoo.) Yes, there will always be those who trade in for the younger model, but that doesn’t speak for everyone. In fact – there’s a whole hipster movement right now about going back to the dumb phone”.

Pro tip: Always be sure to attach your location to your Instagram posts so that your customers know where to go. Research trending hashtags for your city to ensure you’re reaching locals. Ex: #Vancity or #NYCShopping

If not for the above reasons, you should be using Instagram at the very least to build customer loyalty. When you only have once every couple of years to bring a customer back to your store to get their new device, it’s important to use every possible avenue to make it happen. Instagram can only be used properly on a mobile device, and chances are, you sold your customer the device they use it on – use it to your advantage so when it comes time for a new one, they think of you.

Looking for further advice on how to survive the wireless industry? Dive into more tips in our whitepaper titled, Survival Guide for Wireless Retailers.