How An Omnichannel Solution Can Take a Retailer to the Next Level

Customers are evolving as fast as technology allows them. They’re better informed and know what they want, how much they want to pay, and when they expect to receive it. 

This has pushed more and more shoppers to online channels, where choice is nearly limitless and pricing is often better thanks to lower overhead and a wider reach than brick-and-mortar stores.

Omnichannel customers

The modern customer has already embraced omnichannel shopping; they just may not know it yet. But 73% of customers begin their shopping experience online, with the ultimate intention of purchasing in-store, and 85% expect to be able to interact with a brand digitally. Once in-store, 83% of surveyed shoppers say they’d choose a digital service over asking an associate for assistance. Consumers want all the convenience of online shopping, in the store. Leveraging an online presence in-store, and providing access to inventory beyond the walls of a store space, can revolutionize a retailer’s productivity and profitability.

The modern customer has already embraced omnichannel shopping; they just may not know it yet.

Limitless advertising possibilites

A digital in-store installation has benefits beyond the interactive customer service features, as well. The right program can help a retailer transform their unit into a traffic driving machine, allowing for versatile in-store advertising and marketing that requires almost no associates dedicated to it and costs far less than traditional in-store marketing materials. A digital screen offers limitless possibilities in advertising, from seasonal campaigns to new product launches, in-store promos, and brand-specific messaging. It allows a retailer to communicate with their customers before they ever have to interact with an associate and, if they prefer to self-serve, a customer can see what’s happening in a store and search for what they need; only requiring an associate to complete the sale. Instead of being guided through their options by a store employee, they can explore on their own, all the while knowing personal assistance is at their disposal should they want it. This is where the best of internet shopping meets the best of in-store shopping in one, streamlined experience.

Savvy, educated customers are now the drivers of the market. They have high expectations and know they have plenty of options to meet them. While we are moving more and more into a digital age where shopping is done online and on mobile devices, the internet will never be able to provide the immediate reward of face-to-face customer service. A user-friendly omnichannel solution, thoughtful digital marketing that maximizes the installation’s productivity, and a well-trained team of store associates create the perfect shopping environment that will keep customers coming through the doors, even if they’re placing their orders online.

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