Hosting user group meetups and other events at iQmetrix

Now that we’ve got a number of user group meetups and open office events under our belt, it’s time to spread the word a bit more broadly that we’re happy to host events at our office here in Vancouver.

In the past months, we’ve hosted:

Coming up tonight is the Quantified Self Show & Tell, and next week is the Annual Stack Overflow Meetup.

What’s the catch? Well first off, we think iQmetrix should be a good participant in the local community ecosystem. That means offering the resources that we easily have available. Secondly, we hope that many of the people that come through our office will think fondly of us, be they potential partners, purchasers, or future employees.

Our office in Vancouver has a social space that fits 20 - 30 people. It comes equipped with a beer keg that has a variety of delicious Storm Brewing or Howe Sound Brewery on tap. We have a number of big screens, an XBox, a Kinect, and an adjacent boardroom with projector.

We’re mobile, web, gadget and technology geeks in general, so if your event is in any way related to those areas in the Vancouver community, we’re happy to host you. Which reminds me that I should reach out to the creative professionals that run the Likemind events (next event April 15th at Ethical Bean Cafe).

If you’re interested in having us host an event at our office, just leave a comment or contact us and let us know when you’re looking for space.