Harness the Magic of Mobile

In the beginning of the omnichannel buzz, a lot of retailers and brands felt threatened by e-commerce, mobile purchasing, and showrooming.

It’s now becoming increasingly clear there is still a need for brick and mortar especially when aligned with your mobile and e-commerce strategies. Retailers have a huge opportunity to transform the in-store shopping experience by looking at their customers’ mobile interactions. The goal should be to stay ahead of consumer expectations by delighting them throughout their path to purchase.

Set your mobile sites

Let’s start with mobile… Your customer likely has some type of need or desire so they’re first going to browse your site and perhaps even that of your competitors. What are they looking for in a mobile site? 

  • Pricing information
  • Product information
  • Location information
  • Availability
  • Ability to purchase online or reserve in-store

Above & beyond with a mobile app 

Retailers and brands get so focused on a checklist of components they need to have to be considered an omnichannel retailer, they sometimes forget technology still needs to solve a pain point or provide some customer benefit. A mobile application has to go above and beyond the mobile site in adding value to the customer or they just won’t keep it on their devices. Mobile apps can provide value with things like: 

  • Customer loyalty
  • Exclusive discounting
  • Shop the look features
  • Personalized lists or favorites
  • Purchase history
  • Payment options

Landing in-store

When your customer eventually lands in your store, their experience must be consistent with the digital expectations you have set. Customers are looking for a positive and unique experience that they can share. How do you make in-store digital?

  • In-store WIFI: This is a simple step you can take to encourage customers to continue to use your mobile site or application while in-store.
  • Endless aisle virtual shelves or kiosks: Allow your customers to view and interact with the same breadth and depth of product they could online whether it’s physically in-store or not. The user interface will delight in comparison to that of their device.
  • Crossover content: The brand should be consistent from your site and app to in-store. You can even evolve in-store further with lifestyle marketing and 3D virtual content.
  • Customer loyalty: Ensure your customers keep your mobile app by always asking to scan their member ID on their application at the point of sale.
  • Mobile payments: This can be in the form of line busting with a mobile point of sale or speeding up the point of sale by allowing your customers to pay with their mobile wallets at your traditional point of sale.

By transforming your in-store experience to meet your mobile customer expectations you will create memorable interactions with your customers. Create a digital story for them and allow them to tell it for you.

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