Fulfillment: Give Your Customers Exactly What They Want With Dropship

Customer expectations of the in-store experience are higher today than they’ve ever been before. We know they want what they want, when and wherever they want it. So how do you fulfill your customer’s expectations and dreams?

By offering a fulfillment option in-store your customers have the option to purchase product not physically in-stock and have it delivered to their home or preferred location. And your sales representatives have the opportunity to sell more!


1. the meeting of a requirement or condition.

2. the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.

It’s interesting to review the literal definition of fulfillment” and see there are different ways to look at it. On one hand, your customer fully expects that your business will meet their needs and requirements. On the other hand, you are achieving something surprising, delightful, wishful, and perhaps a bit frivolous for your customer when you inspire an impulse purchase.

So when does fulfillment or Dropship make perfect sense? We’ve summarized it into 4 different customer scenarios.

1. Your customer knows what they want but it’s not physically in the store. 

Often times a customer will walk into a store asking for a specific product.

Do you have that glass screen protector for my iPhone 4s?

Because it’s impossible to carry every SKU in every color from every brand and model, customers are often turned away. With Dropship, it’s much easier to offer the customer exactly what they are looking for and complete the sale by having it shipped directly to the location of their choice.

2. Your customer is interested in a specific product category. 

Let’s use headphones as the example. If a customer walks in looking for headphones but you only carry a few options, you’re not only competing with competitors’ availability but also with all of the choices your customer can find online.

I’m looking for some new headphones, but I’m not sure which brand I like.

With Dropship, you’re able to walk the customer through thousands of choices and help them make the right decision rather than limiting options and risking losing the sale.

3. Your customer likes a product that’s physically in the store but wants it in a different color.

Anyone who has worked in retail has been faced with the inventory guessing game on which colors and styles will be the best sellers. Customers may fall in love with a product in-store, but just want a slight variation.

I love this phone case, but do you have it in pink camouflage?

With Dropship you can showcase sample product in a generic color while still offering the full selection virtually. The bonus is you can get even smarter with your inventory. Perhaps that pink camouflage case is selling really well virtually but the blue version you carry in-store isn’t doing so well. You now have more data into overall trends and can adjust your merchandising strategy accordingly.

4. Your customer isn’t sure what they want but would like to explore options. 

There are always those customers who respond and say they are just looking around when approached by a sales associate offering assistance.

No, I’m just looking.

Dropship can suddenly open up an independent shopper from looking at limited peg space to browsing thousands of SKUs. This is a perfect scenario where physical stock can be complemented with Endless Aisle, especially for those shoppers who prefer to shop alone. 

Like any technology, it’s important to understand you can’t just implement it and hope it flies. You’ve got to guide, groom, and monitor your programs. Check out our previous blog, Flight Plan: 4 Steps to Pilot In-Store Technology, for quick steps on making your launch a success.

Don’t be the company that failed to fulfill your obligations! Download your free, printable Dropship guide for sales reps.