Four Essential Elements of Next-Gen Retail POS Systems

As businesses continue to evolve and strive to present a superior user experience to their customer base, the needs of the POS systems they use to back their sales efforts also need to evolve.

Today, we are going to take a look at the four most essential elements of next-gen retail POS systems, and how they can help your organization take your sales performance to the next level.

Sales Empowerment

One of the most potent capabilities of next-gen retail POS systems is the level of empowerment they deliver to your sales staff. Product recommendations can be quickly and easily delivered, along with facilitation of rewards plan participation, resolution of billing questions, and many other concerns. A well-designed UI can help further facilitate this process, enabling sales associates to leverage the system as a direct extension of their own natural experience and talent.

Customer Intelligence

Another capability most organizations definitely will want to see in their next-gen retail POS system is the gathering of customer intelligence. Product preferences can be monitored and tracked down to specific individuals, promotional messages delivered to those most inclined to respond to them, and sales performance evaluated on the granular level. Recommendations can be custom tailored in ways that best encourage response and conversion from your customers.

Inventory Responsiveness

Next-gen retail POS systems such as RQ cell phone store POS can be integrated with your organization’s inventory management system directly, which will provide you direct financial benefit. Localized decision making at the store level can help you automatically purchase what you need, when you need it, streamlining your order fulfillment process significantly. Individual employees are empowered to quickly help customers locate their desired items, and can even drop ship from other locations when necessary.

Analytics & Insights

One of the must haves in POS systems is POS analytics and reporting capability; the insights drawn from these reports can form the foundation of your entire retail strategy when properly interpreted. Access to quick-glance style sales numbers, staffing levels, trend data, and location dashboards can help your organization take advantage of the predictive analytics necessary to dramatically improve your sales performance.

For further information on how retail organizations are embracing technology in order to revitalize their customer experience and improve their bottom line, download POS Transformation: Choosing a next-gen retail POS system to revitalize your in-store experience from iQmetrix.