Forget The Meatballs! IKEA Does Virtual Reality

Ohhh Ikea. The Swedish meatballs, cheap furniture, fun knick-knacks… as if we needed another reason to go to your stores and then you go and announce your foray into virtual reality! 

That’s right. The furniture giant announced in a press release this morning that they would be releasing a pilot virtual reality app, the IKEA VR experience. 

The app simulates a virtual IKEA kitchen in life size. Using an HTC Vive headset, consumers can explore different kitchen room settings, perspectives and cabinet colors.

Virtual reality is developing quickly and in five to ten years it will be an integrated part of people’s lives. We see that virtual reality will play a major role in the future of our customers. For instance, someday, it could be used to enable customers to try out a variety of home furnishing solutions before buying them,” said Jesper Brodin, the managing director at IKEA of Sweden in a statement.

There’s no doubt that VR technology will significantly shape the future of retail. In a recent blog of ours, the writer was frustrated with her experience when she didn’t have the ability to see her items in the other available color options. 

In the near future, a virtual reality experience like IKEA’s pilot app could provide an excellent solution to consumer expectations such as color visualisation, pairing, sizing and much more.