Forget Like… Retailers Will Love the New Facebook Reactions

Facebook recently released its new Reactions to global fanfare. Not only can people like” a post on Facebook they’re now able to express love, laughter, excitement, sadness or anger all with the click of a button. What does this mean for retailers? These new emotions will allow retailers to have a better understanding of their audience and what they would like to see on their News Feeds.

Profiling is one of the most significant ways to effectively reach your target audience and being able to use these six emotions will help bridge the gap between consumer and retailer.

There are a few different ways Facebook’s new Reactions will be able to help retailers.

These new reactions will allow retailers to be able to tell on a multi-dimensional level how their customers are feeling.

Detailed Customer Feedback

Does a customer love” your new dress? Does the slogan for your new campaign upset your audience? Gaining these specific types of feedback will be extremely beneficial to retailers when making decisions on future items. Instead of only being able to judge the people who liked a post, retailers will now be able to gain both negative and positive feedback to help inform any future product/​post decisions that they make. These new reactions will allow retailers to be able to tell on a multi-dimensional level how their customers are feeling.

Peer-to-Peer Influence

It’s no secret people are influenced by their peers. Customers are more inclined to listen to someone they trust rather than a retailer selling a product. The new Reactions allow retailers to spread the reach of their posts by trying to garner wows” or loves” on their posts. The impact of a love or an angry reaction will be much more influential than a simple like.

Customer Support

The sad” or angry” reactions will allow retailers to reach out to those customers who may not have been fully satisfied with a certain product or service. Rather than having negative comments posted on a page this may allow retailers to notice their customers’ unhappiness sooner and be able to quickly rectify the situation. Similarly, this could also allow retailers to give special shout-outs to customers who love” their posts.

As of right now, Facebook won’t distinguish between Reactions on their reports but in the future retailers and brands will be able to analyze their data based on customers’ specific reactions. When Facebook introduces differentiation of Reactions in their analysis, they will become a game changer for retailers who use the platform to market their products/​services.

What do you think? Will Facebook’s new Reactions garner a lot of love from retailers or will there be lots of angry faces clouding our News Feeds? Let us know below!