Endless Aisle and POS: How iQmetrix Technology Simplifies Retail

The concept of an online retail vs. in-store retail dichotomy is false. Today’s retailers have learned that all sales channels are important, and hybrid channels that blend all aspects of the sales experience are the future. The tricky part is delivering a hybrid experience that lives up to its full potential.

Endless Aisle and retail POS platforms, are both powerful solutions on their own. When combined, however, they offer more complex and insightful opportunities as they blend physical and digital retail touchpoints in a way that’s exciting for consumers and merchants alike. Our tools are designed to simplify wireless retail from all angles, and there are a few ways that Endless Aisle and RQ can work in concert to help.

A single point of sale

Customers want checkout to be as seamless as possible. When Endless Aisle is integrated with a POS like RQ, there is just one interface to purchase any product. Customer don’t have to navigate through an Endless Aisle kiosk and then go make other purchases at the cash register. The integration of the two ensures that completing a sale is as efficient as possible.

Easy inventory oversight

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Endless Aisle makes it easy for retailers to expand their inventory, which is great, but expanded inventory obviously leads to added complexity. With this in mind, your POS can be integrated with Endless Aisle to ensure that it’s always clear to staff which products are available, what needs to be ordered, and when shipments will arrive. Essentially, the right POS guarantees that information from Endless Aisle is automatically fed into your central information system to eliminate confusion and oversight.

Strategic data capturing

Funneling all transactions (both digital and physical) into the same digital platform ensures that more customer data is captured, stored, and integrated. With both POS and Endless Aisle in place, every purchase generates valuable data. This data is not only useful when it comes to that particular customer, but also offers more general insights and information. Data can be used for developing marketing messages, adjusting price points, and personalizing customer outreach.

Empowered sales associates

Great sales associates want to be helpful experts, and they never want to tell a customer no. Endless Aisle and RQ allow associates to accommodate customer needs with greater ease and flexibility. Customer and product information is available on demand, and data travels instantly between systems, so special requests can be addressed quickly and effectively. 

Increased freedom through smart mobility

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Endless Aisle and RQ shake up rigid notions of retail by combining the physical and the digital for much greater flexibility. Thanks to improved mobility, retailers can rethink where they put displays and kiosks, how checkout is handled, and where sales staff are located. Freed from traditional infrastructure, retailers can rearrange stores for maximum sales potential.

A refined retail experience

Every retailer is eager to look relevant and tech-savvy these days. Predictably, this often means adding a lot of technology to the in-store experience. If managed correctly, this can increase both sales and customer satisfaction, but it can just as easily lead to greater frustration and longer wait times. Endless Aisle and RQ are tools specifically designed to work together, and when they do, it’s both impressive and accommodating. Used effectively, they can optimize the retail space, empower staff, and increase productivity. By combining the digital and the physical in a meaningful way, they make a powerful statement about the relevance of brick-and-mortar retail in the modern age.

Time-saving automation

Integrating Endless Aisle with RQ automates some of the most time- and labor-intensive tasks retailers deal with on a day-to-day basis. Managers spend less time entering data, cross-checking figures, verifying updates, and hunting down numbers. All relevant information is on one platform, and the heavy-lifting of data management is handled automatically.

Implementing Endless Aisle and RQ will not overhaul a store overnight, but it can transform it in the long run and help it stay competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace. Customer expectations are evolving rapidly, and retail is in a time of flux. Opportunities still abound, but the situation in many stores is evolve or die”. iQmetrix understands the challenges stores face — that’s why we are designing solutions for today and tomorrow.

When you’re ready to embrace an across-the-board upgrade, contact iQmetrix.

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