Empowering Customers to Make Big Decisions with Endless Options

A big purchase decision is a big commitment. Whether a customer is choosing a new couch or a new computer, they may need a nudge when it comes to taking the plunge.

Customers take their time gathering information online first, and then visit the store to have a full interactive experience with the product before buying. However, while 73% of retailers recognize the importance of providing an omnichannel retail experience, only 38% are actually prepared for it.

How can retailers offer customers the best of both worlds? We look at a few effective ways you can help shoppers feel confident when making big purchases.

Get hands on with expensive decisions

Customers want to feel in control. When it comes to expensive products like high-tech gadgets, they want the chance to evaluate all their options and know exactly what they’re getting. One way electronics retailers facilitate this process is by offering self-serve kiosks so that the whole product line-up can be compared simultaneously. So what’s the best way to augment this experience?

The biggest reason customers take the time to make an in-store visit for a high-margin purchase is to chat with an expert. Bring the best parts of online shopping back in store with Endless Aisle and let your customers do their research in-store with a sales associate on hand to guide them. An endless aisle solution can be set up to not only show the entire product line-up, but also additional branded content, like videos and photos. Sales associates can even complete purchases through in-store tablets, and provide customers the option to ship the product to the store or their home.

Besides knowing the price and features, customers also want to get a sense of how satisfied they’ll be once they bring their new purchase home. Social proof, in the form of customer reviews and testimonials, can go a long way to validating a customer’s buying decisions. Providing these types of assets is easy — product pages can highlight positive feedback so customers can feel assured in an item’s quality. By managing all your content from a single platform, you can create a unified and compelling brand story.

Help customers weigh heavy options

When a customer is shopping for furniture, chances are that if the item is physically large or heavy, floor space will be limited. In cramped quarters, there won’t be room to display every model or color available. Instead, you can show your virtual product catalog through Endless Aisle. Size won’t matter anymore.

With custom category curation, you can tailor the experience so that someone who’s only interested in bohemian-chic side tables won’t have to scroll through dozens of mid-century modern loungers first. Have a matching ottoman that would go great with that armchair they’re coveting? You can provide related product recommendations while they’re browsing to personalize the experience even further.

Don’t let size or stock limitations hamper the in-store shopping experience. Display the whole buffet with Endless Aisle and put your brand story front and center.

To learn more about the benefits of using this virtual merchandising solution, check out our post on how Endless Aisle can help your business’s bottom line.

Feature Photo: l i g h t p o e t / Shutterstock.com