Dropship and Endless Aisle are a No-Brainer for Service & Repair

The dynamic duo of Dropship and Endless Aisle are the products your service & repair shop needs to ramp-up revenue and always be closing on sales.

If you’re already convinced, great! However, it’s likely that you don’t believe me just yet. In order to understand this no-brainer business decision, it’s important to know what the heck Dropship and Endless Aisle actually are!

Dropship is a service that gives you the ability to send items from your distribution vendor directly to your customers without having to ever carry it physically in stock. Through supply chain integrations, you are able to sell your customers physical items in-store as well as virtual items from your vendors all on one transaction in your point-of-sale.

Endless Aisle is an interactive touch screen that allows your customers to browse through rich content of your virtual inventory as well as your in-stock product. This way, they can understand all of the different product options available to them and you can make sure they walk away with what they want — every time.

So why is introducing this technology such an easy decision? Well, according to Motorola Solutions Shopping Study, retailers can recover 68% of out-of-stock incidents if associates are prepared to offer shoppers the option to order the items before leaving the store and have them sent to their homes. In addition to this great retail opportunity, these products are especially profitable for service & repair centers in the following ways:

1.Tinkering Technicians.

Repair technicians aren’t typically salespeople, they’re tinkerers. Let Endless Aisle do the selling and give your techs more time for fixing. And as customers have questions, your technicians can use Endless Aisle to walk them through the endless accessory options.

2. Upsell the Accident Prone.

Perhaps you don’t currently stock a lot of product or any product at all. You may be missing out on sales! What better time to sell someone a phone case or screen protector than after they’ve just had to repair their device? Help customers learn from their mistakes by making sure they leave the store protected.

3. Optimize Your Repair Shop.

Shelf and peg space can be very limited, especially when you need space for your technicians to do the repairs, parts storage, comfortable waiting areas, etc. Rather than trying to carry every SKU available, focus on making room for higher margin items and spaces that benefit customers, offering other items virtually.

4. While They’re Waiting.

It seems that nowadays, we can’t stay disconnected for long. When a customer is in need of a service or repair on their mobile device, Nomophobia (the fear of not having your mobile phone) sets in and the customer becomes anxious, negatively affecting their perception of your store experience.Customers often need to wait in the shop for their device to be repaired and are left empty-handed for thirty minutes or more. Ensure they stay engaged and their experience stays positive! Let them us their wait to peruse Endless Aisle interactive screens and explore additional items to buy.

And here is the real moment of clarity: this retailer grew accessory sales by nearly 7000% by adding Dropship and Endless Aisle into their locations. Now, that’s definitely an easy decision.

Shutterstock / Vikulin