Don’t Just Survive — Thrive This Holiday Season

This holiday season you’re going to have increased traffic. Are you prepared to maximize your sales with this influx of store traffic? Let’s say 30% of visitors to your wireless store make a purchase. That means that you have the chance to influence 70% of your customers to buy! While the exact percentage may vary in each of your stores, the key point is this: you need to take advantage of the opportunity to sell more in your stores. To be able to take full advantage of it, you will first you need to track it.

You Only Get Half the Story with Data

You likely already track new activations, upgrades, accessory sales, and total revenue per customer. But those numbers only tell part of the story. They only tell you about the people who made a purchase. To truly understand your store’s potential, you also need to know traffic and sales conversions, or, simply put — how many people came to your store and didn’t buy? 

By tracking true sales conversion, you can identify the missed opportunity in your stores on an ongoing basis.

While we are focused on those that didn’t make a purchase, let’s also dive into the transactions for the 30% of customers who did make a purchase. What if they purchased only an accessory? Or, maybe they purchased a phone, but what if the sales representative didn’t also offer them accessories or insurance? Those customers could have been influenced to buy more — an even greater missed opportunity.

You’re Tracking the Opportunity. Now What?

In addition to tracking the opportunity to increase sales in your stores this holiday season, consider this: you have already put time and money into developing sales processes and training your team on those processes. To be sure you’re seeing the results of those investments by capturing more of the opportunity in your stores, you also need to:

  • Ensure the sales process you’ve put in place is designed to offer an excellent customer experience, especially on high traffic days, like Black Friday
  • Identify order-takers (aka warm bodies”), those who need additional training, and those who are top performers 
  • Ensure you’re staffing at the right level in each store for the entire holiday season 
  • Improve overall customer experience

An advanced managed video solution can capture video and audio from your stores, integrate them with your point-of-sale data, and add video analytics and visual audits to give you the business insights you need to improve sales, including:

  • Store traffic and sales conversion trends
  • Missed opportunities for sales and customer satisfaction
  • Staffing levels
  • Customer greet times

For more information about how Envysion’s managed video solution can help you increase sales or to see the solution first hand, come check out our webinar.

Envysion’s managed video solution gives wireless retailers unprecedented visibility into store operations, missed opportunities, and customer experience. See the full picture of what’s really happening in your stores with data + video integration from Envysion and iQmetrix.