Dominating Retail: Drone by Drone

It’s not a surprise to anyone that Amazon was probably the biggest disruptor to retail we have ever seen and as you are likely aware, Amazon is further seeking to disrupt retail, and other major industries with the introduction of new ways to deliver you items cheaper and faster. 

Ever since Jeff Bezos started the website Amazon to sell books, he has wrestled with how to deliver its products as quickly and cheaply as possible. 

– Washington Post 

In 2015 Amazon doubled their lobbying budget, with the express goal of changing the game, meeting with lawmakers and regulators to continue its efforts to provide the fastest, cheapest delivery options.

So what does this mean to other retailers and their dropship strategies? Well for starters’ retailers will piggyback on the trailblazing efforts of Amazon and leverage any legislation that is achieved.

Legislators will no doubt do what they can to level the playing field allowing other retailers (meaning those with the resources and infrastructure) to be able to use drones and on-demand car services to perform deliveries of items ordered.

Now you may be asking, how does this help retailers today? Well, the point in of all this is, not having the ability to dropship products is not an option. Regardless of what comes out of the lobbying, it will affect how retailers approach delivering products to your customers in the future and not having a scalable and agile dropship strategy will leave retailers up ship” creek should Amazon succeed.

Need to start making ship happen?