Delivering a Stellar In-Store Experience

Imagine you’re walking into your favorite store. What do you think of first? The displays in the front window? The friendly store clerk? The smell of the store? Likely it was a little bit of everything.

In-store experience has become top of mind for retailers. Not only do retailers have to worry about attracting customers, but they also have to create a fantastic in-store experience to maintain loyalty and increase sales.

Considerations for an A+ in-store experience

  1. From Valentine’s Day to Thanksgiving and the changing of seasons, it’s hard for retailers to stay on top of a constantly changing society! In the past, retailers would switch mannequin displays and print ads within the store to change to a new season or celebrate a holiday. While these are both still effective ways to change up your store, they can be time consuming. Why not add in digital signage to complement your in-store display? With the click of a button, you can upload new graphics that can completely change the look and feel of your store.

  2. It’s important to consider the role of mobile when understanding your customer’s in-store experience. Women’s Wear Daily reports that research commissioned by Google actually shows that 84 percent of smartphone shoppers are using their mobile devices to help them shop while in a physical retail store”. That’s massive and I know I’m not alone in the fact that I’ll research a product online before I go to the store to buy it. One way retailers can take advantage of this is by offering in-store discounts that are sent directly to their customer’s phones when they are near the store.

  3. Don’t forget about the overall atmosphere when you think of your customers! It’s easy to think that a good display will be enough to excite and entice your customers. I can list off a handful of stores that not only have a good in-store display but also pump a certain smell throughout the store and have a great playlist on repeat. This is a tricky area because too strong of a scent or too loud of music can deter customers but if you get it right you can create the perfect in-store experience for all the senses.

Remember, your overall retail strategy should be complemented by an in-store experience that really showcases your brand. By creating a memorable in-store experience you’re likely to gain customer loyalty and increase your sales.