Daily Dose of iQ: Small Business Owners Using Mobile Apps

The mobile app market is growing at a tremendous rate, with iSuppli recently forecasting (May 3) app stores will generate $3.8 billion in revenue in 2011 alone, and up to $8.3 billion in 2014.

And it’s not just consumers that are buying these apps. Small business owners are buying them as well, reports Roger Cheng of the Wall Street Journal.

There’s a booming market for apps that help small companies boost their efficiency,” he wrote. Businesses are using the software for everything from managing travel plans to tracking employees and equipment in the field, and speeding up invoicing.”

It used to be that productivity apps were reserved for big companies that could develop them themselves, said Abhi Ingle, an AT&T executive who deals with small-business applications, in Cheng’s article. Now, she says, they’re not so exotic.

And even though the apps cost a lot less than the systems that big companies use, they’re also a lot pricier than Angry Birds,” Cheng adds.

Cheng describes a variety of mobile apps that small businesses are using today, which track construction equipment, manage travel plans, automate time sheets, file work orders and send out invoices.

And the benefits are the same across the board: better efficiency, mobile performance monitoring, improved performance, increased data accuracy and faster invoicing.

For wireless retailers using RQ4, there is a mobile app for you, too: PocketRQ.

**Available for BlackBerry, iPhone/​iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices, PocketRQ allows users to access RQ4 on the go.

The app links directly to RQ4 version 4.1.1 and higher and features a new interface. If you’re familiar with the interface of RQ4, you’ll immediately feel comfortable with PocketRQ,” says Garett Rogers, iQmetrix’s head of design for the new app. We’ve been continually making improvements to the app, with more security and better responsiveness.”

Retailers can use PocketRQ to view real-time reports and dashboards, access customer, product and employee information and create activities. Executives and managers can access key performance metrics for faster decision-making. Mobile sales and service teams can use PocketRQ to access customer profiles, service requests and product information. Likewise, front-line staff can use the app to access customer, product and inventory information without having to run to the point-of-sale terminal.

RQ4 is a lifeline to our business for us and our managers, no matter where we are,” said Tate Fisher, co-founder of Kansas-based T2 Wireless.

The best thing is that our managers could be out eating dinner and still be able to know what’s going on in our stores. The real-time reports are a great feature to have,” said Shaun Frescott of Premier Locations, a US Cellular National Agent in Tulsa, Okla.

**If you have any questions about PocketRQ or to purchase an ongoing app license, please contact the iQmetrix Value-Added Products Team by phone at 1.888.472.6985 or by e-mail at ValueAdd@​iQmetrix.​com.