Daily Dose of iQ: QR Code Virtual Stores Appear in Germany

This past summer, the Home plus (a Tesco subsidiary) QR code subway grocery experience in Korea ushered in a new era in virtual shopping.

At last week’s iQmetrix Wireless Summit in Miami, Retail Prophet Doug Stephens referred to this experience as an example of anytime, anywhere” retail. He believes smartphone-wielding consumers will demand more of these types of experiences in the future.

German drugstore chain Budnikowsky also believes consumers are looking for QR code shopping options. As 2d-code.co.uk reports, the company has launched a trial of posters in 11 busy railway stations around the country. The posters feature Aliqua brand natural cosmetics arranged in rows, just as they appear on shelves in the actual store (see above photo).

Each item has its own QR code that links to Budnikowsky’s m-commerce site. The company says it mirrored this concept off of the Home plus subway store in Korea.

It’s a pretty good idea. Why not market items to people in high traffic areas as they’re waiting for trains, buses… or planes?

My co-worker suggested today that duty free shops in airports and even in airplanes (e.g. in-flight magazines) should offer QR code shopping. It makes a lot of practical sense too: You wouldn’t need to carry your purchase to your destination -- it would be delivered there directly.