Daily Dose of iQ: Highlights from Yesterday's Sessions at NRF 2012


Leveraging One-to-One Interactions at the Point of Sale: The Key to Delivering Cross-Channel Success

Hosted by: Linda Palanza, Executive Vice President, One View Commerce and Steve Jasinski, Vice President Information Systems, O'Reilly Automotive, Inc.

One View saw that O'Reilly's in-store experience needed to be updated just as much as the mobile and web commerce did. Instead of building one sales channel at a time, they implemented a process-based tool kit to support the needs of all sales platforms. This tool kit could be reconfigured to create different experiences in different channels, but still support the main data curation and inventory management as a whole.

They believe the new platform of sales (informercial, e-commerce, Groupon, etc.) is always changing, but the basic business model (your product or business idea) should be maintained in the basic tool kit, so that regardless of the sales method du jour (e.g. mobile coupons), it can be powered by the basic tool kit.

Also, connecting the tool kid with the front-end sales strategy empowers O'Reilly's salespeople to deliver a better customer experience.

This idea relates to our iQ Catalog solution: Whereas XQ Browse, Stream and AdPlay are modern sales interfaces that will evolve over time, the iQ Catalog will never go away -- it is the backbone of the business.

What Not to Miss: Trends to Capitalize on for 2012

Hosted by: Marian Salzman, CEO, Euro RSCG Worldwide PR, North America and Nita Rollins, Director of Thought Leadership, Resource Interactive
Moderated by: Jayne O'Donnell, Retail Reporter, USA Today

Some terms discussed in this session include: "The Cloud"; "Antisocial is social" (people socialize via the web -- if you can't grab their attention in 140 characters, you are not going to make a sale); "Everywhere commerce" (everything is selling to the audience -- you can buy things on Facebook, mobile, TV, games, e-commerce, etc.); "geo-sprees" (we moved from single store, single company, single purchase experience to multi stores, multi company and multi purchase experience at once).

They predict that the new trend will emerge: people going into the stores to experience, touch and research a product (to enjoy the feeling of shopping), but making the transaction is online (see Amazon's Price Check App). They also predict that people will want to rent clothes instead of owning them since "social awareness" is becoming more popular.

Deconstructing the Flagship: A tour of the World's Best Designs

Hosted by Eric Feigenbaum, New York Editor, VMSD Magazine, Tom Herndon, SVP Store Planning & Design/SPACE, Macy's Inc., Anne DiNardo, Editor, VMSD Magazine, James Bellante, SVP Visual Merchandising, Macy's Herald Square

Good store design adds more than just aesthetic value to the business. It creates a welcoming atmosphere for the consumer, an interesting engaging element to emphasize the product, and a signature architectural design in the store -- all of which helps to convert sales.  Macy's flagship store is transforming into an open-window concept and redesigning their sales area with digital and interactive screens.

Some examples of well-designed store spaces include: Guess (New York), Urban Outfitters (New York), Uniqlo (New York), Marc Jacobs (Tokyo), Blacks (London). 

Digital Screens within a Luxury Retail Environment

Hosted by Guy Cheston, Media Sales Director, Harrods

This session dealt with digital signage in high-end malls. Harrods worked with an interior designer to incorporate the screens into architecture. Cheston suggests using as much wall space as possible and to break away of the idea that "digital signage has to be portrait." Place these signs at entrances to make the biggest impact. Avoid glaring screens for outward-facing digital signage. Harrods uses Harris for its content management, and NEC screens for its hardware. Their idea of good future digital signage, for example, was an campaign by Tissot U.K., which used augmented reality to interact with pedestrians. The video can be found on Tissot.ch/reality.


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