Daily Dose of iQ: Entering the Minority Report Era”

When I first joined iQmetrix, I used Minority Report as an example of the evolving space that our new XQ interactive retail product was targeting. Whenever we are talking about touchscreen interfaces and a futuristic user experience, the shared concept that comes to mind is this same 2002 movie, which was, at the time, Steven Spielberg’s image of the future. 10 years later, it turns out the The Minority Report team did an incredible job of projecting technology 10 years out.

Of course, the movie itself is based on sci-fi author Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report short story. Arthur C. Clarke is an example of another sci-fi author that predicted / invented many things we now take for granted - like satellite communications which he concepted in 1945, and became reality 15+ years later in the 1960s.

Niall Harbison of TheNextWeb.com compiled (May 12) a nice round-up of the things predicted in The Minority Report, with fascinating embedded videos of the technologies in action, many of which we have highlighted in previous posts.

It may seem obvious looking back now that all of these things came true in the end or are just about to but if you think back to 2002 (or even earlier when the film was actually written and filmed) it was still the early days of the Internet and things like social media hadn’t even been heard of,” wrote Harbison. The job the team did on this film of predicting the future is absolutely stunning and the fact that nearly everything has come true is amazing.”

Harbison lists the following Minority Report technologies” in his article:

It would be great for the Minority Report team to get together again and make a new set of predictions of what things will look like in 2021. I’d be interested to see how accurate they can be a second time.