Daily Dose of iQ: eMarketer Report Re-examines Showrooming Threat

Showrooming. It’s on the minds of all retailers, regardless of their primary channel.

eMarketer crunched the numbers and in their new report Adapting to a Showrooming World: How Retailers Are Earning Customer Loyalty,” they compare stats to identify the trend’s recent progress.

One graph in particular -- comparing the activity of consumers who searched using one channel and made a purchase through another” -- is quite interesting (see image below).


As you can see, most people (57%) already research products on a PC before buying in-store (PC-to-store). In second place, however, is the actual showrooming process (Store-to-online) at 38%.

In fourth place, Kiosk-to-store, is of most importance to us at iQmetrix, because our XQ Interactive Retail solutions are designed to do just that: Help our retail clients convert more in-store sales by providing their customers with the information they would otherwise look up on their phones (or online) while they’re standing in the store, navigating on an XQ touchscreen terminal to be precise.

The fact that 24% of people already do in-store (Kiosk-to-store) transactions, and yet 29% are interested in doing them, means there’s a lot of potential in this space.

And it makes a lot of sense. People want convenience and instant gratification. Personally, I would forgo a marginal price savings from buying online (and waiting for it to be delivered to my house), if I could buy it right then and there, and walk out with what I want.

Other highlights from the eMarkerter report:

  • In Q1 2011, 59% of respondents have used their smartphone to find a better price while shopping in-store (vs. 40% in 2010 and 15% in 2009). Source: InsightExpress
  • 72% of shoppers used a smartphone last time they shopped and then made an in-store purchase that day (vs. 63% who didn’t use a smartphone the last time they shopped and made an in-store purchase that day). Source: Deloitte