Customer Loyalty: What Keeps a Customer Coming Back?

There are a handful of brands that I’m extremely dedicated to. In most cases, I will go completely out of my way to shop at a particular store. But what is the secret ingredient to building brand loyalty? I know for myself there are a few key reasons why I choose to stay true to a brand.

In-store experience

One of the top reasons is the in-store experience. For example, there are a variety of grocery stores close to where I live, but I choose to go out of my way to my favorite store. The biggest reasons I choose to go to that specific store is its layout, customer service, and the overall feel of shopping there. The wow-factor of the way their design and technology work together to provide a seamless shopping experience has captured my attention and my loyalty.


It’s important to entice customers when they’re not in your store. Loyalty rewards programs are a main reason I stay devoted to a brand. Though they are few, I am extremely loyal to the retail rewards programs that I use. Constant marketing and advertisements keep the brand top of mind and promotions akin to Shop today and gain 10x the points!” persuade me to shop and spend, even when I wasn’t going to make a trip to the store originally.


Brand values can create strong loyalty. Consumers align themselves with companies that have a similar set of beliefs. In recent years, there’s been a big push for businesses to be ethical and live their brand story. Lifestyle plays a key role in how people to choose to shop. Whether it is shopping local to support their community or only purchasing environmentally friendly products, the consumer holds the power of choice.

Ultimately, it’s the overall experience a person feels that makes them connected and loyal to a brand. If retailers deliver a great in-store experience, ensure their brand is top of mind, and get customers connected to their brand story, they’ll likely win a customer’s loyalty.

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