Combating the Post Holiday Blues

Presents are unwrapped, decorations are put away and resolutions are made. The hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season is behind us… But does it have to be?!

January is here and following the busiest retail season of the year, retailers are challenged with getting customers back into their store. Many resort to offering deep discounts in an attempt to grab attention and drive traffic. Offering discounts is definitely one option to attract customers and increase post-holiday sales, but likely isn’t your key to success in 2017.

Regardless of the time of year, creating loyal long-term customers is going to take you further and help you avoid the post-holiday blues. Building off the momentum of the past couple months, consider the following three tips for a successful post-holiday season.

1. Delight with exceptional customer service and experiences

The root of happy customers is happy employees. Although customers remain a top priority for retailers, take a step back and consider your employee engagement and the effect it could be having on customer experiences when engaging with your brand. Invest the time and energy into employee engagement and delight first time customers and repeat shoppers. Your customer experiences and revenue will benefit.

2. Focus on gift card sales 

Translate the hype from the holiday season into new relationships that will extend throughout the rest of the year. Steer your initiatives towards your gift card buyers creating the opportunity to spark additional sales or enroll new customers into your loyalty program. 

3. Turn holiday returns into new year revenue

Research shows that approximately 10% of holiday sales will be returned. How your business handles these returns can make all the difference. Be sure you have a return policy in place that ensures high customer satisfaction that will lead to improved customer loyalty. Be sure you’re listening to your customers and ask them a few questions… What don’t they like? What were they hoping for? What are they interested in? From here, offer them alternative product options or even store credit/​gift cards that will bring them back to your store at a later time.

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