CES 2018: The Year the Lights Went Out

Another year of the tech conference has passed and it’s true that CES got off to a bit of a rough start; Las Vegas had a record amount of rainfall on January 10, which made trekking to different show halls and meetings a bit treacherous.

While CES wasn’t without its fair share of controversies, from an all-male keynote speaker list to the loss of power at the Las Vegas Convention Center, there were a few significant technology trends that emerged from the show. Here are 3 of the top trends that emerged during CES 2018.

CES2018.pngCES retained their sense of humour even through the darkest of times.

Connected Living: One of the biggest pieces of CES 2018 was connected living. Google’s Assistant was the clear hit of CES large due to Google’s insane outdoor booth. Their partnership with quite a few large tech companies also made it possible for them to showcase the Google Assistant’s ability to truly make your home connected. Stay tuned throughout 2018 into this trend as you’re likely to be inundated with smart-home capable products, from refrigerators to speakers.

Among the other home assistants, Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby also had a strong presence at CES.

Virtual Reality (VR): As in the past, VR was still a mainstay on the CES show floor with many companies showing their latest VR products. One of the biggest highlights for VR was the integration of touch and physical sensation through a smart glove’ designed by Design Partners.

Many companies are now releasing standalone VR headsets that don’t rely on putting your phone into your headset. While VR likely has a long way to go before it becomes completely user-friendly, the jumps in virtual reality technology and accessories are showing that it’s trending in the right direction.

Health Tech: As our society becomes more health-conscious, it’s only natural that our technology would adhere to that trend. Health tech was a big focus at this year’s CES and there was a significant shift in wearables becoming medical devices. From the well-known Fitbit tracking your fitness levels to new devices such as the HeartGuide smartwatch having a built-in blood pressure monitor, it’s safe to say that there will be more health tech wearable introduced in the near future.

While CES is well known for its presentations and show floor there are quite a few attendees who simply go to the event for the meetings. Did you have a chance to check out CES 2018? Leave a comment below with some trends that you noticed and meetings that left you feeling technologically inspired for the year.

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Evening Standard / David Becker