CES 2017 Recap - What a Ride

Vegas temperatures may have dropped this past week, but CES was just heating up. 

Sin City welcomed thousands that flocked to multiple locations and convention centers to check out the new trends, exciting devices, and future ideas.

5.jpgSome of the biggest included an autonomous SUV from Faraday Future called the FF 91. The vehicle has some crazy new features which include facial recognition, a self-parking feature called driverless valet, and the biggest battery. While production is expected to start in 2018, there is no estimated date for first deliveries. We’re sure there will be a line around the block to get in on one.

Another exciting innovation was a 32-inch 8K monitor from Dell. It features 1.07 billion colors and over 33 megapixels! It’s 76804320 resolution (280ppi) is four times the resolution of the 4K currently out on the market, and 16 times that of Full HD. Talk about never wanting to walk away from the screen again.

And one cannot forget about the wearables. There were so many out there. One notable one was the Motiv Ring. This is the first of its kind, a wearable ring that has an optical heart rate sensor in it. It will track your activity, heart rate, and sleep. Best of all, you don’t have to take it off in the shower, as it is waterproof up to five ATM. You can easily just slip it on and forget it.

What does all of this mean for retailers? For starters, that new Dell monitor sure would look slick in your store as digital signage displaying your latest and greatest campaigns. Wearables could have a big impact on retail loyalty campaigns, among other things. Imagine special offers and rewards aligned with customer fitness goals. Wearable data could also be used as a means of personalization for retailers. Store associates could tap into the data to find out an individual’s preferred type of workout, frequency oh physical activity and fitness goals to inform their product recommendations. 

CES 2017: Looking into the future

Can we expect to see these on the shelves of retailers anytime soon? Likely not, but the show gave us a great glimpse into the future.

With 100s of booths to check out it was anything but disappointing with the amount of phones, laptops, wearables, screens and other devices to look at. This year and the coming years are definitely going to be full of the future”.

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