Be Prepared: Retail’s Busiest Season is Right Around the Corner

Be Prepared…

The famous motto of Boy Scouts around the world, and even more famous as sung by Scar in the Lion King.

As you know the retail industry is dynamic with trends and customer behavior constantly changing the retail landscape. For the purpose of this blog, and probably your business, the Boy Scout motto is likely more applicable than the Disney song.

As we enter the busiest season in retail, analysts and experts pontificate on where, when, and how customers will spend their money.

For the Scouts, being prepared means you are always in a state of readiness, in mind and body to do your duty. For retailers, being prepared isn’t much different. Retailers must be ready for anything, and this means, random spikes in traffic, spending, and increased stock in order to meet demand and compete with online retailers. 

Consider this, according to Shoppertrak, sales on Black Friday fell 12% in 2015 as a result of more retailers being open on Thanksgiving and for the first time in a long time RetailNext predicts Black Friday will not be the busiest shopping day of the year, in terms of sales, and that it will relinquish its title to Friday, December 23rd. In terms of foot traffic, they predict that Super Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas will have the highest foot traffic.

Predicted Busiest Days for Traffic & Sales


Top 10 biggest shopping days


Top 10 biggest shopping days

1. Friday, Dec. 23
2. Super Saturday, Dec. 17
3. Black Friday, Nov. 25
4. Thursday, Dec. 22
5. Wednesday, Dec. 21
6. Sunday, Dec. 18
7. Saturday, Dec. 24
8. Saturday, Dec. 10
9. Friday, Dec. 16
10. Saturday, Dec. 3
  1. Super Saturday, Dec. 17
  2. Black Friday, Nov. 25
  3. Friday, Dec. 23
  4. Saturday, Dec. 10
  5. Monday, Dec.26
  6. Sunday, Dec. 18
  7. Saturday, Dec.24
  8. Thursday, Dec. 22
  9. Wednesday, Dec.21
  10. Saturday, Dec. 3

For brick-and-mortar retailers, that is a lot of busy days crammed into a month and a half. In order to be prepared, there are some key things to consider.

Load up on product

Ensure appropriate stock of product by analyzing past sales data. The best way to forecast sales is to analyze trends. If running out of product stock is a concern, there are some great endless aisle solutions out there.

Load up on staff

Analyzing historic traffic data will allow you to plan for the top 10 busiest days listed above. This will help you ensure and schedule the right amount of staff to service all your customers.

Be prepared for anything that comes up

Use your data and remember the Boy Scout motto. Being prepared means you are always in a state of readiness, in mind and body to do your duty, which is this case your duty is the customer.

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