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Today’s Shoppers are Infinitely Connected. Are You?

BCBG recently announced the closure of its Canadian retail stores and, already, the closures are being attributed …
Retail Operations

Mario Run: A Lesson in Motivation

Not long after the sweep of Pokemon Go, Mario Run has entered the scene and the next saga of mobile gaming has …
Customer Experience

Intelligent Metrics: What Are Your Customers Telling You?

I recently found myself wondering how the mass-hysteria over the new presidency in the U.S. will impact shopping …
Retail Marketing

Retailers: Be User-Generated Content Savvy

In part two of our three-part series, we talked about the danger of ignoring the increasingly powerful consumer …
Customer Experience

In-Store or Online: There's No Place Like Your Brand

When online clothing shopping became a thing, I was never inclined to jump in with both feet. In fact, I didn’t …
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Don't Be Derailed By Millennials, Stay On Track

Welcome to part two of our three part retail trends series, 'Are You on the Retail Trend Train'. In part one we …
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Are You on the Retail Trend Train?

What does it really mean to be “on trend”? How important is it to follow retail trends?
Retail Operations

Refund Reality: How to Turn Returns Into Opportunities

A great customer education and engagement strategy will help your business immeasurably. Alas, refunds are an …
Retail Operations

Revenge of the Online Shoppers: Combatting High Post-Holiday Returns

As technology changes, so do the ways we interact with the world around us.
Customer Experience

One Retailer's Competitive Advantage (Hint: Brand Ambassadors)

Retail Operations

3 Ways to Go Green this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. It is this time of year retailers try their best to outdo one another to collect …
Wireless Trends

EMV: 4 Sign's Its Time to Make the Switch

In early 2015, a rush of retailers started preparing for the October 2015, EMV liability shift. Device …