Are You Scaring Away Customers? 3 Tips to Improve the Wireless Store Experience

It may be Halloween — a day for all things scary to come out and play — but I’ve experienced some downright terrifying situations in wireless stores every day of the year. How can you make sure you aren’t scaring away customers? Check your stores for these 3 spooky phenomena…

Ghost Towns

Have you ever entered a store and your mere presence seems to have spooked the sales associates into hiding? Whether you’re short staffed or your team is simply busy with other customers or duties, don’t let your guests feel like they’ve entered a ghost town. Offer your shoppers the option to utilize a self-serve kiosk to purchase that quick cell phone case or set of headphones and be on their way. Or, provide interactive Endless Aisle screens for them to browse and entertain themselves while they wait for a sales rep to come back from the dead. 

Disappearing Product

Ah, the old vanishing act. Not so entertaining when it happens to an item your customer came in looking for. Regardless of whether the product is out of stock or you never physically carried it in the first place, you can save your customers from the frightful experience of walking away empty handed. By using Dropship, you can offer a vastly extended product range from third-party suppliers that virtually ensure you can find the right product and get it shipped to the store or directly to your customer’s home. It’s like witchcraft… but the good kind.

Zombie Crawls

In this scenario, your customer has found what they need but now needs to make the dreaded zombie crawl. Now, if you went to college, you may have a different, more fun idea of what a zombie crawl is but I can guarantee you this version is much less entertaining. The retail zombie crawl is when your customers are lined up at the checkout, slowly shuffling up to the front as it becomes their turn, or possibly dropping dead of boredom while they stand there waiting. Fear not! There is a cure for your zombies. Skip the hocus pocus and bust through those lineups by equipping your sales staff with mobile cell phone store POS solutions. When other terminals are busy with activations or repair service requests, your mobile team can meet customers wherever they are on the sales floor, look up inventory and quickly close sales. 

So, there you have it. Follow these 3 pieces of advice to give your customers an experience that delights rather than frights.

Happy Halloween!

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