Are You on the Retail Trend Train?

What does it really mean to be on trend”? How important is it to follow retail trends?

The truth is, the reality of consumer trends and their impact on buying decisions are ignored at the peril of many companies.

In the last decade, video stores failing to adapt to the trend of online movie streaming left vast amounts of square footage empty when they finally closed their doors. Stories of nostalgia are drawn up when remembering the old way of doing things”: the smell of the movie store, the rows of shiny movie boxes, and the way it felt to actually hold and read the storyline on the back of the box.

Nostalgia alone, however, is not enough to draw people back to actually doing those things.

Trends for 2016 are already sweeping up the old and making way for new ways of doing things. Retailers are increasingly using video as a means to showcase their brand personality and market content in-store and online. 

It’s Clear: Video is the Future

This is, without a doubt, one of the largest shifts in marketing strategy we’ve seen in years. Email marketing, alone, is getting a facelift with increases in click-through rates of 65% when the word video” is used in subject lines. This is very telling for anyone considering marketing strategy.

If click-through rates sky-rocket by simply including the word video” in subject lines of email campaigns, imagine the impact of actually including a video in those campaigns. 


So, what now? How should video be incorporated into any given business strategy?

There is no magic formula to satisfy every business out there. The true magic of including videos in your marketing content strategy is, first, getting a very good understanding of who your customers are and how they make their buying decisions.

You know what they say about business, if it were easy, everyone would do it”. One of the most difficult aspects of running any business is understanding the people behind it. In order to create videos relevant to your consumers, you must understand who they are.

Do they put butter on their bread? Do they care about the environment? Are they educated? Do they own cats, dogs, emus? What do they do in their free time?

The answers to these questions combined with your unique product-offering and the tone of your brand will form the basis of every video you produce.

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